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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
9BSEG345Accounting Document Segment
10/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

1OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7OPCH386A/P Invoice
8JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10OACT114G/L Accounts

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OPCH268A/P Invoice
6OIVL77Whse Journal
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool

398 columns | Print definition?ERP 6.0  | KURZTEXT

TableTable DescriptionColumn#AliasColumn DescriptionData TypeLengthDecimalsDefault ValueConstraints
1/OTX/RM_ERRORQPLPrintlist entries whose RM processing failed9KURZTEXTSAP ArchiveLink: Text information fieldnvarchar400
2TACO1Table for activating DD objects5KURZTEXTText (15 characters)nvarchar150
3TACOBTable for activating DD objects5KURZTEXTUser who triggered the activationnvarchar150
4TJH_PUB_CHNG_RSTIS-M/AM: Publication Change Reasons Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
5TJYEDDUSETTXTIS-M: Electronic Document Delivery Usage Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
6TQ27TRM-QSS: Text table for TQ275KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
7VDIREVergleichstabelle: Test des Massenverteilers7KURZTEXTTestdtel CHARnvarchar500
TOPActive Quality Control
8QDEBTAllowed combinations of procedures/dynamic mod. rules: texts5KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
9QDPKTSampling scheme: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPAdvertising Management
10JHAPDIS-M/AM: OPM Service Item12KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
11JHATVASKTDIS-M/AM: Order Item Pool Issue Shift Header3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
12JHTTBEDIS-M/AM: OPM - Rate Requirements10KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
13JHTVBIS-M/AM: Contract Requirements19KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
14JJTBEIS-M/AM: Booking Units3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
15JJTDIENIS-M/AM: Service17KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
16JJTFPLZONLIS-M/AM: Online Fixed Spaces9KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
17JJTIKOIS-M/AM: Content Component5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
18JJTMXKIS-M: Media-Mix Package Header3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
19JJTPFOBJIS-M: Partner Objects3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
20JJTPOIS-M/AM: Media Sales Agent Pool4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
21JJTPPEIS-M/AM: Planned Production Unit10KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
22JJTUPSELL_PROPIS-M/AM: Upselling Proposals Texts3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
23JJTVAIncl/Exclusive Sales Agt Requirements for Entire Sales Area13KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
24JJTVBIS-M/AM: Requirement in Media Sales Agent Contract22KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
25JJTVVIS-M/AM: Media Sales Agent Contract31KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
26TJH04IS-M/AM: Processing Types for Ad Insert, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
27TJH12IS-M/AM: Text Table for Contract Category4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
28TJH16IS-M/AM: Text Table for Contract Settlement Indicator4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
29TJH18IS-M/AM: Text Table for OPM Item Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
30TJH20IS-M/AM: Billing Category - Text Tables4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
31TJH24IS-M/AM: Commission Key for Sales Agent Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
32TJH30IS-M/AM: Ad Insert Type, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
33TJH32IS-M/AM: Texts for Color Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
34TJH34IS-M/AM: Texts for Color Names4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
35TJH36IS-M/AM: Texts for Ad Spec Border Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
36TJH38IS-M: Texts for Grid Spacing (Ad Spec)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
37TJH42IS-M/AM: Transfer Type - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
38TJH44IS-M/AM: Transfer Type - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
39TJH52IS-M/AM: Units of Measure Texts for Pricing4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
40TJH56IS-M/AM: Texts for Date Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
41TJH58IS-M/AM: Text Table For Units of Measure For Ad.Sizes4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
42TJH60IS-M/AM: Texts for Box Number Indicators4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
43TJH62IS-M/AM: Text Table for Units of Measure for Height4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
44TJH64IS-M/AM: Correction Type Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
45TJH72IS-M/AM: Service Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
46TJH76IS-M/AM: Texts for Sub Ad Spec Indicator4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
47TJH78IS-M/AM: Texts for Location of a Sub Ad Spec4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
48TJH80IS-M/AM: Ad Type Calculation Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
49TJH82SIS-M/AM: Group Type for Collective Processing - Texts3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
50TJH90IS-M/AM: Competitor Exclusion Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
51TJH92IS-M/AM: Combination Sale Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
52TJH96IS-M/AM: Application Cluster - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
53TJH98IS-M/AM: Object Types - Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
54TJHAHIS-M/AM: Texts For Telephone Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
55TJHAPTIS-M/AM: Item Category Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
56TJHARTWORK_TYPETIS-M/AM: Artwork Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
57TJHAS1IS-M/AM: Total Types For Contract Standing Text Table4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
58TJHAVMUPDDIS-M: Texts for Order Update - Admissible Callers and Events4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
59TJHB2IS-M/AM: Texts With Reference To Positioning Instructions4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
60TJHB4IS-M/AM: Texts For Height Indicators4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
61TJHB6IS-M/AM: Texts for Complaint Status4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
62TJHBEGRPRTIS-M: BU Grouping for Pricing Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
63TJHBOOKOLTIS-M/AM: Booking Type for Online Advertising (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
64TJHCHTYPE_AVMTIS-M/AM: Order Change Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
65TJHCIC_EDITOR_WTIS-M/AM: Ad Spec Editor in CIC4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
66TJHCIC_ORDER_WSTIS-M/AM: Order Fast Entry in CIC4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
67TJHCNTENT_VARTIS-M: Number of Entries MiniApp: Variant Texts5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
68TJHDESTIS-M/AM: Text Table For RFC Destination Assignment5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
69TJHEBTIS-M/AM: Document Category for which Rev.Dist is Perf. Texts3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
70TJHEM2TIS-M/AM: Quantity Type for Revenue Distribution - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
71TJHEWTIS-M/AM: Valuation Category in Revenue Distribution - Texts3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
72TJHGENBITIS-M: Date Rule for Billing Dataset Generation (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
73TJHGRAPHIC_TYPETIS-M/AM: Type of Graphic4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
74TJHINSSERTIS-M/AM: Texts for the Series Creation Rule5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
75TJHOLBMETIS-M: Units of Measurement for Online Ads Size Fields (Text)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
76TJHOLFMTTIS-M/AM: Formats for Online Advertising - TEXTS4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
77TJHOLHMETIS-M/AM: Units of Measurement for Online Ad Height (Text)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
78TJHPLZTIS-M/AM: Positioning Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
79TJHPRINTETIS-M/AM: Output Control - Admissible Events Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
80TJHSIBTYPTIS-M/AM: Processing Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
81TJHSTGVBTIS-M/AM: Statistics Groups for Sales Documents Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
82TJHSTOGTIS-M/AM: Reversal Reasons Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
83TJHTARGETTIS-M/AM: Target Group for Advertising (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
84TJHTARGTYPTIS-M/AM: Target Group Type for Advertising (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
85TJHTBELTIS-M/AM: Selective Booking Text Table4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
86TJHTSYSTIS-M/AM: Technical System Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
87TJHUNITOLTIS-M/AM: Texts for Online Item Type Unit of Measure4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
88TJHVAZWTIS-M/AM: Twinned Billing Datatset Types - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
89TJHVCAATIS-M/AM: Payment Cards: Checking Groups: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
90TJHVKLTIS-M/AM: List Format for Header Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
91TJHVKLT1IS-M/AM: Display Variants List Tool Text Table5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
92TJHVZCCTIS-M: Reason for Correction to Sales Agent Assignment: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
93TJHWWW_JHAWTIS-M/AM: Order Data IAC Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
94TJHWWW_JHB4TIS-M/AM: Fixed Spaces Planning IAC Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
95TJH_GR_REL_STATTIS-M/AM: Texts for Release Status of Graphic4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
96TJH_GR_SALESAR_TIS-M: Sales Area Group Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
97TJJ02IS-M/AM: Text Tables for Page Format4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
98TJJ04IS-M/AM: Content Component Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
99TJJ08IS-M/AM: Texts for BU Hierarchy Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
100TJJ10IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Types Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
101TJJ12IS-M/AM: Texts Color Scheme Ad Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
102TJJ14IS-M/AM: Texts for Format Ad Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
103TJJ16IS-M/AM: Texts for Positioning Ad Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
104TJJ18IS-M/AM: Texts for Shape Ad Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
105TJJ20IS-M/AM: Design Ad Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
106TJJ22IS-M/AM: Template Type for Ad Spec Masters4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
107TJJ24IS-M/AM: Texts for Media Publication Type -Content4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
108TJJ26IS-M/AM: Partner Determination Procedures Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
109TJJ32IS-M/AM: Text Table For PU Variant Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
110TJJ38IS-M/AM: Text Tables for BU Variant Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
111TJJ40IS-M/AM: Account Assignment Group for Booking Unit - Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
112TJJ42IS-M/AM: Texts for Commercial Form4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
113TJJ48IS-M/AM: Text Tables for Page/Column Format4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
114TJJ50IS-M: Advertisment Type for Special Handling Type Text Table4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
115TJJ52IS-M/AM: Texts for Content Component Hierarchy Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
116TJJ56IS-M/AM: Texts for Content Component Hierarchy Variants5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
117TJJ58IS-M/AM: Text Tables for Frequency Rule4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
118TJJ60IS-M/AM: BU Variant Type for Ad Inserts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
119TJJ62IS-M/AM: Text Table For BU Group4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
120TJJ66IS-M/AM: Text Table For Positioning Instructions4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
121TJJ68IS-M/AM: BU Grouping Statistics Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
122TJJ70IS-M/AM: Text Table for BP Hierarchy Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
123TJJ72IS-M/AM: Texts for Date Specification4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
124TJJ74IS-M/AM: Texts for Requirement Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
125TJJ78Requirements Group for Media Sales Agent Contract - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
126TJJ84IS-M/AM: Condition Reference Text5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
127TJJ86IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Procedure / Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
128TJJ88IS-M/AM: Text Tables for Booking Unit Grouping Content4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
129TJJ96IS-M/AM: Customer Status - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
130TJJA4IS-M/AM: Reason for Condition References - Texts6KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
131TJJACIS-M/AM: Position on Page Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
132TJJAEIS-M/AM: Reason for Complaint Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
133TJJAGAccount Assignment Group for Sales Agent Contract - Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
134TJJAIIS-M/AM: Positioning Item for Technical System - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
135TJJAMTLTIS-M/AM: Official Title of Contact Person, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
136TJJB2IS-M/AM: Document Type - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
137TJJB4IS-M/AM: Billing Split - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
138TJJB6IS-M/AM: Print Control Procedure - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
139TJJB8IS-M/AM: Terms of Payment Group - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
140TJJBEVTMDTIS-M/AM: Distribution Customer Distribution Key Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
141TJJBEVTPATIS-M/AM: Distribution Planned Quantity Types Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
142TJJC6IS-M/AM: Events and Associated Application4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
145TJJFBIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 1 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 1 (Element)nvarchar150
146TJJFDIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 2 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 2 (Element)nvarchar150
147TJJFFIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 3 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 3 (Element)nvarchar150
148TJJFHIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 4 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 4 (Element)nvarchar150
149TJJFJIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 5 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 5 (Element)nvarchar150
150TJJFLIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 6 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 6 (Element)nvarchar150
151TJJFNIS-M/AM: Free Attribute 7 Requirement Element Text4KURZTEXTIS-M/AM: Check Text for Free Attribute 7 (Element)nvarchar150
152TJJKAMPIS-M/AM: Campaign (Customer)3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
153TJJKAMPTIS-M/AM: Campaign Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
154TJJKGRPTIS-M/AM: Sales Activity Group, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
155TJJLFTIS-M/AM: Grouping of Local Window Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
156TJJPLZONLTIS-M/AM: Positioning for Online Advertising4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
157TJJPOSTIS-M/AM: Item for Contact Person: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
158TJJSPVMTIS-M/AM: Contact Person, Block Flag, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
159TJJV2IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Contract Datasets Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
160TJJV3TAccess Seqs for Partner Contract Determination - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
161TJJV4TIS-M: Type of Media-Mix Contract Creation - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
162TJJV5TIS-M: Condition Exclusion Rules for Media-Mix Contract Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
163TJJV6TIS-M: Fulfillment Rules for Media-Mix Contracts - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
164TJJV7TIS-M: Conflict Control for Contract Determination - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
165TJJV8TIS-M: Checks for the Use of Media-Mix Packages - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
166TJJVERTTIS-M/AM: Distribution List: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
167TJJW2IS-M/AM: Commercial Time Slice Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
168TJJW4IS-M/AM: Texts for Commercial Block4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
169TJJW6IS-M/AM: Texts for Commercial Broadcast Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
170TJJW8IS-M/AM: Texts for Commercial Broadcast4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
171TJJWAIS-M/AM: Texts for Commercial Rate Group4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
172TJJWCIS-M/AM: Online Time Slices Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
173TOADLSAP ArchiveLink print lists9KURZTEXTSAP ArchiveLink: Text information fieldnvarchar400
174TOALOGPLogging of Document Accesses15KURZTEXTSAP ArchiveLink: Text information fieldnvarchar400
TOPArchiving Connector ABAP
175ARCHLNK_TOAXYLink Table for ArchiveLink Stores from EOL Systems14KURZTEXTSAP ArchiveLink: Text information fieldnvarchar400
TOPBasic Data
176QMTTInspection Method Texts7KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
177QPMTMaster Inspection Characteristics Texts7KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
178TQ01EText authorization groups for QM master data4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
179TQ71TInput Processing in Results Recording QM4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPBasic Data for Certificates
180QCVKCertificate profile header22KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
181QCVMTCertificate profile characteristic level: texts8KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
182TQ61TOrigin of result values for certificates: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
183TQ62TOutput strategy for skip characteristics: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
184TQ63TOrigin of inspection specifications for certificates: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
185TQ64TOrigin of characteristic short text for certificates: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
186TQ681TDesc. for Text Element5KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
187TQ68TText for Configuration of Characteristics Field4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPCash Desk
188FMSHERLOCKClarification List (Payments to be Clarified)36KURZTEXTInfotext for Processornvarchar800
189QPCTCode texts8KURZTEXTShort Text for Code (Up to 40 Characters in Length)nvarchar400
190QPGTCode group texts5KURZTEXTShort Description of the Code Groupnvarchar400
191TQ17TLanguage-dependent texts for table TQ174KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPClinical System
192N2FDBSIS-H*MED: Catalog of external data modules3KURZTEXTShort Text for System Definition Objectsnvarchar500 Catalog of External Data Modules Delivery3KURZTEXTShort Text for System Definition Objectsnvarchar500
TOPElectronic Data Interchange
194PRICAT_K003_PROIndication of Data to be Adopted from PRICAT_K00366KURZTEXTIndicator for copying catalog datanvarchar10
TOPFlexible Real Estate Management
195VIGGRR1LUM: Grundbuch - Gleichrangrahmen / Mithaftung Abt. III4KURZTEXTBeschreibung Gleichrangrahmen/Mithaftung Abt. III Grundbuchnvarchar800
196VIGPROCCLUM: Grundbuch - Bearbeitungsnummern4KURZTEXTBeschreibung Bearbeitungs-Nr. Grundbuchnvarchar800
TOPImplementation Guide
197TVARHHeader entries for screen variants4KURZTEXTShort description of variantnvarchar600
TOPInformation System
198TQ56TText table for the definition of quality score classes4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPInspection Planning
199PLMKInspection plan characteristics30KURZTEXTShort Text for Inspection Characteristicnvarchar400
200TQ72TTexts for type of share calculation4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
201TQ75KShort text for Table TQ75F4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
202TQ75TDescription of formula parameters4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPMaster Data
203JSTGEOEINHIS-M/SD: Geographical Unit4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
205TJG40IS-M/SD: Texts for IS-M Partner Roles4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
206TJG50IS-M/SD: Texts for Employee Termination Reason4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
207TJG82IS-M/SD: BP Carrier Type (Text Table)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
208TJG93IS-M/SD: Text for Country Grouping for Shipping Costs4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
209TJG95Texts for Country Groupings for Shipping Schedule4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
210TJGA2IS-M: Texts for Address Print Formats4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
211TJGD2IS-M/SD: Texts for Sunday Bonus Category4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
212TJGD4IS-M/SD: Texts for Public Holiday Bonus Category4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
213TJGD6IS-M/SD: Texts for Night Bonus Category4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
214TJGKSTIS-M/SD: Customer Procedure for Monitoring: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
215TJGPOS01TIS-M: POS Season Indicators (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
216TJS02IS-M/SD: Text Table for Hierarchy Type Geography4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
217TJS10IS-M/SD: Texts on Types of Geographical Units4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
218TJS32IS-M/SD: Origin Indicator for Postal Units - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
219TJS36IS-M: Statuses in Postal Change Service4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
220TJSERIESTIS-M: Text Table for TJSERIES4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
TOPMedia Product Sales and Distribution
221JKSDEVENTFAVORITIS-M: Problem Situation in Quantity Planning6KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
222JKSDPLANQEVENTIS-M: Event for Quantity Planning5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
223TJADDISSUETIS-M: Text Table for TJADDISSUE4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
225TJD04_MPIS-M/SD: Text Table - Frequency Rule for Media Products4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
226TJDOCTYPETIS-M: Text Table for TJDOCTYPE4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
227TJFCPOSTTYPETIS-M: Pre Item Category Reference Issue Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
228TJFCPRETYPETIS-M: Pre Item Category Reference Issue Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
230TJGGEOTYPELANGIS-M: Geographical Assignment Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
231TJKSDCIC_CLAIMSTCIC: Texts for Delivery Component4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
232TJKSDCIC_CONLSTTCIC: Texts for Contract Overview Component4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
233TJKSDCIC_QUANPLTCIC: Texts for Quantity Planning Component4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
234TJKSDCIC_RECALLTCIC: Text for Returns Component4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
235TJKSDCONSTATTEXTConfig. for Statistics (Variance, Correlation, Average)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
236TJKSDFCCALCMETHTIS-M: Forecast Planning - Calculation Method Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
237TJKSDFCCALCPROCTIS-M: Assignment of Calculation Methods to Rule Texts5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
238TJKSDFCGETMETHTIS-M: Data Retrieval Method Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
239TJKSDFCPOSTMETHTIS-M: Forecast Planning Post Calculation Method Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
240TJKSDFCPOSTPROCTIS-M: Assignment of Post Methods to Rule Texts5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
241TJKSDFCPREMETHTIS-M: Forecast Planning - Texts for Pre Calculation Methods4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
242TJKSDFCPREPROCTIS-M: Assignment of Pre Methods to Rule Texts (Obsolete)5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
243TJKSDFCRULETXTSegmentation Rule - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
244TJKSDFCSCHEMATIS-M: Texts for Calculation Rules in Forecast Planning4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
245TJKSDFCTOTLMETHTIS-M: Forecast Planning - Texts for Total Calc. Methods4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
246TJKSDFCTOTLPROCTIS-M: Assignment of Total Methods to Rule Texts5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
248TJKSDREASONCODETIS-M/SD: Reasons for Quantity Changes - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
249TJKSDSALESINDTSales Indicator Definitions (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
250TJKSDSUSPENDTEXTIS-M: Suspension Reasons for POS4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
251TJKSDVERSIONTIS-M/SD: Quantity Planning Versions - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
252TJNEXTISSUETIS-M: Text Table for TJNEXTISSUE4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
253TJPPERIOD02IS-M: Publication Frequency of Media Product4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
257TJVSDDELIVCYCLETIS-M: Delivery Cycle - Name4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
258TJVSDTPGROUPTIS-M: Delivery Group Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
259TJVSDVERSIONTIS-M: Transportation Planning Versions - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
260TJVSD_ASTYPETRelationship Types for Product Kits - Text Table4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
261SWNCCOLLPATXTSAP Workload NW Collector: Collector Parameters3KURZTEXTSAP Workload NW Collector: Text Field of 32 Charactersnvarchar320
TOPPeriodical Sales and Distribution
262JKTGUIS-M/SD: Coupon Booklet4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
263JMTMATIS-M/SD: Promotional Material16KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
264JRTROUTEIS-M/SD: Truck Route Master Data4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
265JRTTROUTEIS-M/SD: Daily Truck Routes4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
266JVTBEZIRKIS-M: Carrier Route (Generalization)8KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
267JVTBEZRNDIS-M/SD: Delivery Round4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
268JVTBRGLARTIS-M/SD: Postal Packing Rule Type3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
269JVTORDERTXIS-M/SD: Order Change Types for Carrier Notification4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
270JVTPRODGRPIS-M/SD: Repetition Grouping for Production4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
271JVTPSCHEMEIS-M/SD: Production Procedure3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
272JVTPSQIS-M/SD: Production Sequence3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
273JVTRUNDEIS-M/SD: Round (Delivery Round)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
274JVTVERVARIIS-M/SD: Variant for Shipping Schedule4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
275TJD02IS-M/SD: Text Table for Title Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
276TJD04IS-M/SD: Text Table for Frequency Rules4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
277TJD06IS-M/SD: Text Table for Issue Variant Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
278TJD08IS-M/SD: Text Table for Mix Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
279TJD10IS-M/SD: Text Table for Service Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
280TJD14IS-M/SD: Text Table for Content Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
281TJD18IS-M/SD: Texts for Publication Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
282TJD24IS-M/SD: Text Table - Alternating Address Elements4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
283TJD32IS-M/SD: Texts for Edition Report Grouping 14KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
284TJD34IS-M/SD: Texts for Edition Report Grouping 24KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
285TJD38IS-M/SD: Texts for Edition Generation Groupings4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
286TJD44IS-M/SD: Odd Bundle Group Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
287TJD48IS-M/SD: Edition Condition Grouping Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
288TJD50IS-M/SD: Edition Bonus Grouping Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
289TJD52IS-M/SD: Edition Statistics Grouping Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
290TJD54IS-M/SD: Edition Bundling Group (Texts)6KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
291TJD56IS-M/SD: Text Table for Bundling Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
292TJD58IS-M/SD: Text Table for Edition Audit Report Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
293TJD62IS-M/SD: Product Procedure for Monitoring: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
294TJD64IS-M/SD: Text Table - Address Alternation Groups4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
295TJD72IS-M: Issue Change Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
296TJF28IS-M/SD: Texts for Billing Document Reversal Reasons4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
297TJFSBTIS-M/SD: Type of Tax Exemption - Text4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
298TJI02Texts for Audit Report Categories4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
299TJI04IS-M/SD: Texts for Audit Report Hierarchy Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
300TJI22Postal Code Area Evaluation Variants, Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
301TJI24IS-M/SD: Postal Code Evaluation Areas, Texts5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
302TJI31Geographical Hierarchy Variant for Statistics5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
303TJK02IS-M/SD: Billing Frequency (Text Table)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
304TJK04IS-M/SD: Price Frequency (Text Table)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
305TJK12IS-M/SD: Texts for Return Frequencies4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
306TJK16IS-M/SD: Text for Events for Increase in Retail Circulation4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
307TJK18IS-M/SD: Complaint Result - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
308TJK20IS-M/SD: Refund Type Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
309TJK22IS-M/SD: Additional Payment Type - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
310TJK82Correction Reasons: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
311TJK84Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation of Delivery -Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
312TJK86Sales Documents: Suspension Reason - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
313TJK88Sales Documents: Purchase Reasons (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
314TJK92Sales Documents: Reversal Reasons (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
315TJK96IS-M/SD: Transfer Cats.for Liability Acct Transfer - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
316TJKEVENTTIS-M/SD: Events in Order Processing: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
317TJKMC2IS-M/SD: Statistics Groups for Sales Documents - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
318TJKRECTYPETIS-M/SD: Texts for Record Types for Order Data Import3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
319TJKRRCTIS-M/SD: Rate Code: Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
320TJKRRDPTIS-M/SD: Activities when Payment Delayed (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
321TJKRRSLTIS-M/SD: Type of Step in Monitoring Procedure (Text)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
323TJKWWW_CHECKTIS-M: WWW; Data on City and Type of BP Identification4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
324TJL04IS-M: Texts for Service Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
325TJL28IS-M/SD: Texts for Service Settlement Reversal Reasons4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
326TJLPSTIS-M/SD: Commission Settlement Block - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
327TJLZTIS-M/SD: Texts for Contract Arrangements for Home Delivery4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
328TJN12IS-M/SD: Text for Letter Type4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
329TJR12IS-M/SD: Texts for Loading/Unloading Point Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
330TJR38IS-M/SD: Texts for Space Reqs at Loading/Unloading Pts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
331TJR40IS-M/SD: Texts for Vehicle Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
332TJR42IS-M/SD: Texts on Reason for Different Vehicle4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
333TJV02Delivery Type (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
334TJV04Text Table for Package Type Variants5KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
335TJV06Text Table of Package Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
336TJV08IS-M/SD: Texts for Types of Order Deadline4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
337TJV10IS-M/SD: Shipping Outsorting Types - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
338TJV102IS-M/SD: Text Table for TJV1014KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
339TJV104IS-M/SD: Text Table for TJV103 - Prod.Rep.Group - TYPE4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
340TJV111IS-M/SD: Shipping Run Group4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
341TJV42IS-M/SD: Type of Shipping Problem Message (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
342TJV44IS-M/SD: Reason for Shipping Problem Message (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
343TJV46IS-M/SD: Origin of Shipping Problem Message (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
344TJV48IS-M/SD: Business Partner Substitution Types (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
345TJV52IS-M/SD: Shipping Document Types - Texts4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
346TJV59IS-M/SD: Texts for Shipping Document Type Groupings4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
347TJV74IS-M/SD: Network - Text Table4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
348TJV80IS-M/SD: Texts for Container Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
349TJV88IS-M/SD: Home Delivery Alternation Element4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
350TJV90IS-M/SD: Text Table for TJV89 - Home Delivery Alt. Group4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
351TJV96TMC - Building Codes (Text Table)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
352TJV98TMC - Accessibility (Text Table)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
353TJV_CBCDESCIS-M/SD: Text Table for JSD_CEBUCOCODE4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
354TJW08IS-M/SD: Text for Sales Source4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
355TJW10IS-M/SD: Text for Advertising Medium4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
356TJW11IS-M/SD: Text for Sales Promotion4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
357TJY04IS-M/SD: Dyn.Menu Entries for Master Data Maint.Cond.(Texts)8KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
358TJY18IS-M/SD: Texts for Condition Class6KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
359TJY82IS-M/SD: Texts for Reorganization Types4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
360TJYCIC_MAM_OLSTTIS-M/AM: CIC, Order Overview (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
361TJYCIC_MSD_OLSTTIS-M/SD: CIC, Order Overview (Texts)4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
TOPQM Control in Procurement
362TQ04SQM block functions : texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
363TQ05TQM: text table for certificate types4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
364TQ08TQM: text for QM procurement keys4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
365TQ09TQM: agreement of QM document types4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPQuality Inspection
366TQ30TTexts for inspection types4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
367TQ32C_TTexts for lot creation indicator4KURZTEXTShort Text: Controlling Inspection Lot Creationnvarchar600
368TQ79TKey words for inspeciton point user fields4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPQuality Management
369TQ01CTexts for material authorization group in QM4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
370TQ16TLanguage-dependent short texts for the valuation4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
371TQ17ULanguage-dependent texts for table TQ17A4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
372TQ29TRM-QSS: Text table for TQ294KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
373TQ39LText table for TQ39A3KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
374TQ39TText table for dynamic modification criteria3KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPResourcen Management
375RMXTT_TRIAL_QMPLTrial: Assigned Inspection Plans for Post-Process Control13KURZTEXTShort Text for Inspection Characteristicnvarchar400
TOPResults Recording
376QAMVCharacteristic specifications for inspection processing27KURZTEXTShort Text for the Inspection Characteristicnvarchar400
377QISUBTText table subsystems for recording measured val. data in QM4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
378TQ12TTexts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
379TQ76TTexts for the processing status of insp. characteristics3KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
380TQ77TText Tables for Attributes4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
381TQ78TTexts for the status-specific proc. table for insp. char.5KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
382TQ84TText table for confirmation profile4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
383TQ86TText table for report category4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPSample Management
384QPRVKTHeader for sample drawing procedure texts5KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
385TQ41TTexts for storage locations5KURZTEXTShort Text for Physical-Sample Locationnvarchar1200
386TQ42TTexts for phys. sample containers4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
TOPSamples and SPC
387QASHQuality control chart35KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
388QDBMTValuation Mode: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
389QDDRTDynamic modification rule: texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
390QDEPTAllowed Inspection Severities: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
391QDFBTFunction Modules for Procedure: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
392QDFMTFunction Modules for Valuation Mode: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
393QDPSTInspection Stages: Texts5KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
394QDSATSampling Type: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
395QDSVTSampling Procedure: Texts4KURZTEXTShort Textnvarchar400
396JVTPSEQIS-M/SD: Production Sequence for Postal Shipping (CH)3KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
397J_1SPTAXL2IS-M/SD CH/P: Text for Country Grouping for Postal Tax4KURZTEXTIS-M: Short Textnvarchar150
TOPTransaction Manager
398VWKMKOCorporate actions (header)7KURZTEXTShort text/description of the objectnvarchar400