SAP Tables - SAP Business One/ERP Table Definition reference

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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
3FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
7FCO_DOC_HEAD61Failure Cost Document Header
8FMIA65Actual Line Item Table for Funds Management
9/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions
10PEG_TMTNS2Pegging: Movement Types Explicitly Not Supported

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OCRD332Business Partner
3OINV386A/R Invoice
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
8OPOR386Purchase Order
9OACT114G/L Accounts

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OPCH268A/P Invoice
4OIVL77Whse Journal
5OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
6OVPM154Outgoing Payments
7ORCT154Incoming Payment
8OOCR9Loading Factors
9OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction
10JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool
Marketing Documents
1Business One9.2OINV38612A/R InvoiceMarketing Documents
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

Use the column checkboxes to build your query. Header columns sets/unsets all columns

SELECT DocEntry, DocNum, DocType, CANCELED, Handwrtten, Printed, DocStatus, InvntSttus, Transfered, ObjType, DocDate, DocDueDate, CardCode, CardName, Address, NumAtCard, VatPercent, VatSum, VatSumFC, DiscPrcnt, DiscSum, DiscSumFC, DocCur, DocRate, DocTotal, DocTotalFC, PaidToDate, PaidFC, GrosProfit, GrosProfFC, Ref1, Ref2, Comments, JrnlMemo, TransId, ReceiptNum, GroupNum, DocTime, SlpCode, TrnspCode, PartSupply, Confirmed, GrossBase, ImportEnt, CreateTran, SummryType, UpdInvnt, UpdCardBal, Instance, Flags, InvntDirec, CntctCode, ShowSCN, FatherCard, SysRate, CurSource, VatSumSy, DiscSumSy, DocTotalSy, PaidSys, FatherType, GrosProfSy, UpdateDate, IsICT, CreateDate, Volume, VolUnit, Weight, WeightUnit, Series, TaxDate, Filler, DataSource, StampNum, isCrin, FinncPriod, UserSign, selfInv, VatPaid, VatPaidFC, VatPaidSys, UserSign2, WddStatus, draftKey, TotalExpns, TotalExpFC, TotalExpSC, DunnLevel, Address2, LogInstanc, Exported, StationID, Indicator, NetProc, AqcsTax, AqcsTaxFC, AqcsTaxSC, CashDiscPr, CashDiscnt, CashDiscFC, CashDiscSC, ShipToCode, LicTradNum, PaymentRef, WTSum, WTSumFC, WTSumSC, RoundDif, RoundDifFC, RoundDifSy, CheckDigit, Form1099, Box1099, submitted, PoPrss, Rounding, RevisionPo, Segment, ReqDate, CancelDate, PickStatus, Pick, BlockDunn, PeyMethod, PayBlock, PayBlckRef, MaxDscn, Reserve, Max1099, CntrlBnk, PickRmrk, ISRCodLine, ExpAppl, ExpApplFC, ExpApplSC, Project, DeferrTax, LetterNum, FromDate, ToDate, WTApplied, WTAppliedF, BoeReserev, AgentCode, WTAppliedS, EquVatSum, EquVatSumF, EquVatSumS, Installmnt, VATFirst, NnSbAmnt, NnSbAmntSC, NbSbAmntFC, ExepAmnt, ExepAmntSC, ExepAmntFC, VatDate, CorrExt, CorrInv, NCorrInv, CEECFlag, BaseAmnt, BaseAmntSC, BaseAmntFC, CtlAccount, BPLId, BPLName, VATRegNum, TxInvRptNo, TxInvRptDt, KVVATCode, WTDetails, SumAbsId, SumRptDate, PIndicator, ManualNum, UseShpdGd, BaseVtAt, BaseVtAtSC, BaseVtAtFC, NnSbVAt, NnSbVAtSC, NbSbVAtFC, ExptVAt, ExptVAtSC, ExptVAtFC, LYPmtAt, LYPmtAtSC, LYPmtAtFC, ExpAnSum, ExpAnSys, ExpAnFrgn, DocSubType, DpmStatus, DpmAmnt, DpmAmntSC, DpmAmntFC, DpmDrawn, DpmPrcnt, PaidSum, PaidSumFc, PaidSumSc, FolioPref, FolioNum, DpmAppl, DpmApplFc, DpmApplSc, LPgFolioN, Header, Footer, Posted, OwnerCode, BPChCode, BPChCntc, PayToCode, IsPaytoBnk, BnkCntry, BankCode, BnkAccount, BnkBranch, isIns, TrackNo, VersionNum, LangCode, BPNameOW, BillToOW, ShipToOW, RetInvoice, ClsDate, MInvNum, MInvDate, SeqCode, Serial, SeriesStr, SubStr, Model, TaxOnExp, TaxOnExpFc, TaxOnExpSc, TaxOnExAp, TaxOnExApF, TaxOnExApS, LastPmnTyp, LndCstNum, UseCorrVat, BlkCredMmo, OpenForLaC, Excised, ExcRefDate, ExcRmvTime, SrvGpPrcnt, DepositNum, CertNum, DutyStatus, AutoCrtFlw, FlwRefDate, FlwRefNum, VatJENum, DpmVat, DpmVatFc, DpmVatSc, DpmAppVat, DpmAppVatF, DpmAppVatS, InsurOp347, IgnRelDoc, BuildDesc, ResidenNum, Checker, Payee, CopyNumber, SSIExmpt, PQTGrpSer, PQTGrpNum, PQTGrpHW, ReopOriDoc, ReopManCls, DocManClsd, ClosingOpt, SpecDate, Ordered, NTSApprov, NTSWebSite, NTSeTaxNo, NTSApprNo, PayDuMonth, ExtraMonth, ExtraDays, CdcOffset, SignMsg, SignDigest, CertifNum, KeyVersion, EDocGenTyp, ESeries, EDocNum, EDocExpFrm, OnlineQuo, POSEqNum, POSManufSN, POSCashN, EDocStatus, EDocCntnt, EDocProces, EDocErrCod, EDocErrMsg, EDocCancel, EDocTest, EDocPrefix, CUP, CIG, DpmAsDscnt, Attachment, AtcEntry, SupplCode, GTSRlvnt, BaseDisc, BaseDiscSc, BaseDiscFc, BaseDiscPr, CreateTS, UpdateTS, SrvTaxRule, AnnInvDecR, Supplier, Releaser, Receiver, ToWhsCode, AssetDate, Requester, ReqName, Branch, Department, Email, Notify, ReqType, OriginType, IsReuseNum, IsReuseNFN, DocDlvry, PaidDpm, PaidDpmF, PaidDpmS, EnvTypeNFe, AgrNo, IsAlt, AltBaseTyp, AltBaseEnt, AuthCode, StDlvDate, StDlvTime, EndDlvDate, EndDlvTime, VclPlate, ElCoStatus, AtDocType, ElCoMsg, PrintSEPA, FreeChrg, FreeChrgFC, FreeChrgSC, NfeValue, FiscDocNum, RelatedTyp, RelatedEnt, CCDEntry, NfePrntFo, ZrdAbs, POSRcptNo, FoCTax, FoCTaxFC, FoCTaxSC, TpCusPres, ExcDocDate, FoCFrght, FoCFrghtFC, FoCFrghtSC, InterimTyp, PTICode, Letter, FolNumFrom, FolNumTo, FolSeries, SplitTax, SplitTaxFC, SplitTaxSC FROM OINV


ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1DocEntryInternal Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
2DocNumDocument Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
3DocTypeDocument Typechar10II=Item, S=Service Allow NULL? 
4CANCELEDCanceledchar10NY=Yes, N=No, C=Cancellation Allow NULL? 
5HandwrttenManual Numberingchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
6PrintedPrintedchar10NY=Copy, N=Original, A=Amended Allow NULL? 
7DocStatusDocument Statuschar10OO=Open, C=Closed Allow NULL? 
8InvntSttusWarehouse Statuschar10OO=Open, C=Closed Allow NULL? 
9TransferedYear Transferchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
10ObjTypeObject Typenvarchar2001313=A/R Invoice Allow NULL? 
11DocDatePosting Datedate80
12DocDueDateDue Datedate80
13CardCodeCustomer/Vendor Codenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
14CardNameCustomer/Vendor Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
15AddressBill tonvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
16NumAtCardBP Reference No.nvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
17VatPercentTax Ratenum196 Allow NULL? 
18VatSumTotal Taxnum196 Allow NULL? 
19VatSumFCTax Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
20DiscPrcntDiscount % for Documentnum196 Allow NULL? 
21DiscSumTotal Discountnum196 Allow NULL? 
22DiscSumFCTotal Discount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
23DocCurDocument Currencynvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
24DocRateDocument Ratenum196 Allow NULL? 
25DocTotalDocument Totalnum196 Allow NULL? 
26DocTotalFCDocument Total (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
27PaidToDatePaid to Datenum196 Allow NULL? 
28PaidFCPaid (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
29GrosProfitGross Profitnum196 Allow NULL? 
30GrosProfFCGross Profit (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
31Ref1Reference 1nvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
32Ref2Reference 2nvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
33CommentsRemarksnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
34JrnlMemoJournal Remarksnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
35TransIdTransaction Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
36ReceiptNumReceipt Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
37GroupNumPayment Terms Codeint60 Allow NULL? 
38DocTimeGeneration Timeint60 Allow NULL? 
39SlpCodeSales Employeeint110-1 Allow NULL? 
40TrnspCodeShipping Typeint60-1 Allow NULL? 
41PartSupplyPartial Deliverychar10YY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
42ConfirmedConfirmedchar10YY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
43GrossBasePrice List for Gross Profitint600 Allow NULL? 
44ImportEntOrder Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
45CreateTranCreate Journal Entrychar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
46SummryTypeSummary Methodchar10NN=No Summary, I=By Items, D=By Documents Allow NULL? 
47UpdInvntWhse Updatechar10NN=No, O=Orders from Vendors, C=Customer Orders, G=Consignment, I=Stock Allow NULL? 
48UpdCardBalUpdate Balanceschar10NN=No, O=Orders, D=Delivery Notes, B=Bookkeeping Allow NULL? 
49InstanceInstanceint600 Allow NULL? 
50FlagsFlagsint1100 Allow NULL? 
51InvntDirecWarehouse Directionchar10XX=Release, E=Receipt Allow NULL? 
52CntctCodeContact Personint110 Allow NULL? 
53ShowSCNDisplay BP Catalog Numberchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
54FatherCardBP Consolidationnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
55SysRateSystem Pricenum196 Allow NULL? 
56CurSourceBase Currencychar10CL=Local Currency, S=System Currency, C=BP Currency Allow NULL? 
57VatSumSyTax Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
58DiscSumSyTotal Discount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
59DocTotalSyDocument Total (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
60PaidSysPaid (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
61FatherTypeParent Summary Typechar10PP=Payment Consolidation, D=Delivery Consolidation Allow NULL? 
62GrosProfSyGross Profit (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
63UpdateDateDate of Updatedate80
64IsICTA/R Invoice + Paymentchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
65CreateDateCreation Datedate80
66VolumeVolumenum196 Allow NULL? 
67VolUnitVolume UoMint60 Allow NULL? 
68WeightWeightnum196 Allow NULL? 
69WeightUnitWeight UoMint60 Allow NULL? 
70SeriesSeriesint60 Allow NULL? 
71TaxDateDocument Datedate80
72FillerFilternvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
73DataSourceData Sourcechar10NN=Unknown, I=Interface, U=Upgrade, M=Import, O=DI API, A=Auto Summary, D=Restore Wizard, P=Partner Implementation, T=Year Transfer Allow NULL? 
74StampNumStamp No.nvarchar160 Allow NULL? 
75isCrinCorrection Invoicechar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
76FinncPriodPosting Periodint110 Allow NULL? 
77UserSignUser Signatureint60 Allow NULL? 
78selfInvAutom. Invoicechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
79VatPaidTax Paid to Datenum196 Allow NULL? 
80VatPaidFCTax Paid (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
81VatPaidSysTax Paid (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
82UserSign2Updating Userint60 Allow NULL? 
83WddStatusAuthorization Statuschar10--=Without, W=Pending, Y=Approved, N=Rejected, P=Generated, A=Generated by Authorizer, C=Canceled Allow NULL? 
84draftKeyDocument Draft Internal IDint110-1 Allow NULL? 
85TotalExpnsTotal Freight Chargesnum196 Allow NULL? 
86TotalExpFCTotal Freight Charges (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
87TotalExpSCTotal Freight Charges (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
88DunnLevelDunning Levelint110 Allow NULL? 
89Address2Ship Tonvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
90LogInstancLog Instanceint1100 Allow NULL? 
91ExportedExportedchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
92StationIDWorkstation IDint110 Allow NULL? 
93IndicatorIndicatornvarchar20 Allow NULL? 
94NetProcNet Procedurechar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
95AqcsTaxAcquisition Taxnum196 Allow NULL? 
96AqcsTaxFCAcquisition Tax (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
97AqcsTaxSCAcquisition Tax (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
98CashDiscPrCash Discount Percentagenum196 Allow NULL? 
99CashDiscntCash Discountnum196 Allow NULL? 
100CashDiscFCCash Discount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
101CashDiscSCCash Discount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
102ShipToCodeShip-to Codenvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
103LicTradNumLicensed Dealer No.nvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
104PaymentRefPayment Reference No.nvarchar270 Allow NULL? 
105WTSumWTax Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
106WTSumFCWTax Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
107WTSumSCWTax Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
108RoundDifRounding Diff. Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
109RoundDifFCRounding Diff. Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
110RoundDifSyRounding Diff. Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
111CheckDigitControl Digitchar10 Allow NULL? 
112Form10991099 Formint110 Allow NULL? 
113Box10991099 Boxnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
114submittedSubmittedchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
115PoPrssPO Processchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
116RoundingRoundingchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
117RevisionPoSplit Purchase Orderchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
118SegmentSegmentint600 Allow NULL? 
119ReqDateRequired Datedate80
120CancelDateCancelation Datedate80
121PickStatusPick Statuschar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
122PickPickchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
123BlockDunnBlock Dunningchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
124PeyMethodPayment Methodnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
125PayBlockPayment Blockchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
126PayBlckRefPayment Block Abs Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
127MaxDscnMaximum Discountchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
128ReserveReservechar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
129Max1099Max. 1099 Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
130CntrlBnkCentral Bank Indicatornvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
131PickRmrkPick Remarksnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
132ISRCodLineISR Coding Linenvarchar530 Allow NULL? 
133ExpApplExp appliednum196 Allow NULL? 
134ExpApplFCExp applied FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
135ExpApplSCExp applied DCnum196 Allow NULL? 
136ProjectProject Codenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
137DeferrTaxDeferred Taxchar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
138LetterNumTax Exemption Letter No.nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
139FromDateExemption Validity Date Fromdate80
140ToDateExemption Validity Date Todate80
141WTAppliedApplied WTaxnum196 Allow NULL? 
142WTAppliedFApplied WTax (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
143BoeReserevBill of Exchange Reservedchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
144AgentCodeAgent Codenvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
145WTAppliedSApplied WTax (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
146EquVatSumTotal Equalization Taxnum196 Allow NULL? 
147EquVatSumFTotal Equalization Tax (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
148EquVatSumSTotal Equalization Tax (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
149InstallmntNo. of Installmentsint601 Allow NULL? 
150VATFirstApply Tax on 1st Installmentchar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
151NnSbAmntWTax Non-Subject Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
152NnSbAmntSCWTax Non-Subject Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
153NbSbAmntFCWTax Non-Subject Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
154ExepAmntWithholding Tax Exempt Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
155ExepAmntSCWTax Exempt Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
156ExepAmntFCWTax Exempt Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
157VatDateDocument Datedate80
158CorrExtExternal Corrected Document No.nvarchar250 Allow NULL? 
159CorrInvInternal Corrected Document No.int110 Allow NULL? 
160NCorrInvNext Correcting Documentint110 Allow NULL? 
161CEECFlagBlock Creation of Tgt Corr Docchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
162BaseAmntBase Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
163BaseAmntSCBase Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
164BaseAmntFCBase Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
165CtlAccountControl Accountnvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
166BPLIdBranchint110 Allow NULL? 
167BPLNameBranch Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
168VATRegNumVAT Reg. Numbernvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
169TxInvRptNoTax Invoice Rpt Numbernvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
170TxInvRptDtTax Invoice Rpt Datedate80
171KVVATCodeVAT Code for Tax Invoice Rpttext160
172WTDetailsWithholding Tax Detailsnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
173SumAbsIdSummary VAT Abstract IDint110-1 Allow NULL? 
174SumRptDateSummary VAT Report Datedate80
175PIndicatorPeriod Indicatornvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
176ManualNumManual Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
177UseShpdGdUse Shipped Goods Accountchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
178BaseVtAtBPL ID Assigned to Invoicenum196 Allow NULL? 
179BaseVtAtSCBPL Namenum196 Allow NULL? 
180BaseVtAtFCTax Reg. Numbernum196 Allow NULL? 
181NnSbVAtTax Invoice Rpt Numbernum196 Allow NULL? 
182NnSbVAtSCTax Invoice Rpt Datenum196 Allow NULL? 
183NbSbVAtFCWTax Non-Subject VAT Amt (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
184ExptVAtWTax Exempt VAT Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
185ExptVAtSCWTax Exempt VAT Amount (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
186ExptVAtFCWTax Exempt VAT Amount (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
187LYPmtAtLast Year's Paymentsnum196 Allow NULL? 
188LYPmtAtSCLast Years Payments (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
189LYPmtAtFCSummary Tax Report Datenum196 Allow NULL? 
190ExpAnSumPeriod Indicatornum196 Allow NULL? 
191ExpAnSysManual Numbernum196 Allow NULL? 
192ExpAnFrgnUse Shipped Goods Accountnum196 Allow NULL? 
193DocSubTypeDocument Sub-Typenvarchar20----=A/R Invoice, DN=A/R Debit Memo, IE=A/R Invoice Exempt, IB=A/R Bill, EB=A/R Exempt Bill, IX=A/R Export Invoice, IR=A/R Invoice & Receipt, RI=A/R Reserve Invoice Allow NULL? 
194DpmStatusSummary VAT Abstract IDchar10OO=Open, C=Closed Allow NULL? 
195DpmAmntDown Payment Amount LCnum196 Allow NULL? 
196DpmAmntSCDown Payment Amount SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
197DpmAmntFCDown Payment Amount FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
198DpmDrawnDrawn to Down Paymentchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
199DpmPrcntDown Payment Percentnum196 Allow NULL? 
200PaidSumTotal Paid Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
201PaidSumFcTotal Paid Sum (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
202PaidSumScTotal Paid Sum (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
203FolioPrefFolio Prefix Stringnvarchar40 Allow NULL? 
204FolioNumFolio Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
205DpmApplDown Payment Applied LCnum196 Allow NULL? 
206DpmApplFcDown Payment Applied FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
207DpmApplScDown Payment Applied SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
208LPgFolioNFolio No. for Last Page in Doc.int110 Allow NULL? 
211PostedDown Payment Was Postedchar10YY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
212OwnerCodeDocument Ownerint110 Allow NULL? 
213BPChCodeBP Channel Codenvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
214BPChCntcBP Channel Contact Personint110 Allow NULL? 
215PayToCodePay tonvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
216IsPaytoBnkIs Pay to Bankchar10N=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
217BnkCntryPay to Bank Countrynvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
218BankCodePay to Bank Codenvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
219BnkAccountPay to Bank Account No.nvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
220BnkBranchPay to Bank Branchnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
221isInsReserve Invoicechar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
222TrackNoTracking Numbernvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
223VersionNumVersion Numbernvarchar110 Allow NULL? 
224LangCodeLanguage Codeint110 Allow NULL? 
225BPNameOWBP Name Overwrittenchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
226BillToOWBill-To Overwrittenchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
227ShipToOWShip-to Overwrittenchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
228RetInvoiceCredit Memochar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
229ClsDateDocument Closing Datedate80
230MInvNumMonthly Invoice No.int110 Allow NULL? 
231MInvDateMonthly Invoice Datedate80
232SeqCodeSequence Codeint60 Allow NULL? 
233SerialSerial Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
234SeriesStrSeries Stringnvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
235SubStrSubseries Stringnvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
236ModelNota Fiscal Modelnvarchar600 Allow NULL? 
237TaxOnExpTax on Freight Sumnum196 Allow NULL? 
238TaxOnExpFcTax on Freight Sum (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
239TaxOnExpScTax on Freight Sum (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
240TaxOnExApTax on Freight Appliednum196 Allow NULL? 
241TaxOnExApFTax on Freight Applied (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
242TaxOnExApSTax on Freight Applied (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
243LastPmnTypLast Payment Typechar10R=Receipt, V=Vendor Payment Allow NULL? 
244LndCstNumLanded Cost Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
245UseCorrVatUse Correction VAT Groupchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
246BlkCredMmoBlock Creation of Target Credit Memochar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
247OpenForLaCOpen For Landed Costschar10YN=Closed for Landed Costs, Y=Open for Landed Costs Allow NULL? 
248ExcisedExcisedchar10OC=Close, O=Open Allow NULL? 
249ExcRefDateExcise Ref. Datedate80
250ExcRmvTimeExcise Removal Timenvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
251SrvGpPrcntGross Profit Prcnt of Servicenum196 Allow NULL? 
252DepositNumDeposit Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
253CertNumCertificate Numbernvarchar310 Allow NULL? 
254DutyStatusDuty Statuschar10YY=With Payment of Duty, N=Without Payment of Duty Allow NULL? 
255AutoCrtFlwAuto Create Follow-up Documentchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
256FlwRefDateFollow-up Document Ref. Datedate80
257FlwRefNumFollow-up Document Ref. Numbernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
258VatJENumVAT Journal Entry Numberint110-1 Allow NULL? 
259DpmVatDown Payment Tax LCnum196 Allow NULL? 
260DpmVatFcDown Payment Tax FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
261DpmVatScDown Payment Tax SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
262DpmAppVatDown Payment Applied Tax LCnum196 Allow NULL? 
263DpmAppVatFDown Payment Applied Tax FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
264DpmAppVatSDown Payment Applied Tax SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
265InsurOp347347 Insurance Operationchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
266IgnRelDocIgnore Relevant Doc on Archivechar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
267BuildDescBuild Descriptornvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
268ResidenNumResidence Numberchar1011=Spanish Fiscal ID, 2=VAT Registration Number, 3=Passport, 4=Fiscal ID Issued by the Country of Residence, 5=Certificate of Fiscal Residence, 6=Other Document Allow NULL? 
269CheckerCheckerint110 Allow NULL? 
270PayeePayeeint110 Allow NULL? 
271CopyNumberCopy Numberint1100 Allow NULL? 
272SSIExmptSSI Exemptionchar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
273PQTGrpSerPur Quotation Group Seriesint60 Allow NULL? 
274PQTGrpNumPur Quotation Group Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
275PQTGrpHWPur Quotation Group Manualchar10N Allow NULL? 
276ReopOriDocReopen Origin. Order by Returnchar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
277ReopManClsReop. Man. Closed/Canc. Orderschar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
278DocManClsdDocument Was Closed Manuallychar10NY=Yes, N=No, U=Unknown Allow NULL? 
279ClosingOptClosing Optionint601 Allow NULL? 
280SpecDatePosting Date Specified by Userdate80
281OrderedPayment Orderedchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
282NTSApprovNTS Approvedchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
283NTSWebSiteE-Tax Web Siteint60 Allow NULL? 
284NTSeTaxNoE-Tax Numbernvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
285NTSApprNoNTS Approval Numbernvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
286PayDuMonthStart Fromchar10E=Month End, H=Half Month, Y=Month Start, N Allow NULL? 
287ExtraMonthNumber of Additional Monthsint60 Allow NULL? 
288ExtraDaysNumber of Additional Daysint60 Allow NULL? 
289CdcOffsetCash Discount Offsetint600 Allow NULL? 
290SignMsgSignature Input Messagetext160
291SignDigestSignature Digesttext160
292CertifNumCertification Numbernvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
293KeyVersionPrivate Key Versionint110 Allow NULL? 
294EDocGenTypElectr. Doc. Generation Typechar10NG=Generate, L=Generate - Later, S=Send, R=Send - Later, N=Not Relevant Allow NULL? 
295ESeriesElectronic Seriesint60 Allow NULL? 
296EDocNumElectronic Document Numbernvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
297EDocExpFrmElectronic Doc. Export Formatint110 Allow NULL? 
298OnlineQuoCreate Online Quotationchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
299POSEqNumPOS Equipment Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
300POSManufSNPOS Manufacturer Serial Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
301POSCashNPOS Cashier Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
302EDocStatusElectronic Document Statuschar10CN=New, P=Pending, S=Sent, E=Error, C=OK Allow NULL? 
303EDocCntntElectronic Document Contenttext160
304EDocProcesElectronic Document Processchar10CC=CFD, I=CFDI Allow NULL? 
305EDocErrCodElectronic Document Error Codenvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
306EDocErrMsgElectronic Document Error Msgtext160
307EDocCancelElectronic Document - Canceledchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
308EDocTestElectronic Document - Testingchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
309EDocPrefixElectronic Document - Prefixnvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
310CUPUnique Code of Projectint110 Allow NULL? 
311CIGContract Code Identificationint110 Allow NULL? 
312DpmAsDscntDiscount Document with Dpmchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
314AtcEntryAttachment Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
315SupplCodeSupplementary Codenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
316GTSRlvntRelevant To GTSchar10NN=No, Y=Yes Allow NULL? 
317BaseDiscBase Discount LCnum196 Allow NULL? 
318BaseDiscScBase Discount SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
319BaseDiscFcBase Discount FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
320BaseDiscPrBase Discount Percentagenum196 Allow NULL? 
321CreateTSCreatn Time - Incl. Secsint110 Allow NULL? 
322UpdateTSUpdate Full Timeint110 Allow NULL? 
323SrvTaxRuleApply Service Tax Rulechar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
324AnnInvDecRAnnual Inv. Declaration Ref.int110 Allow NULL? 
325SupplierSuppliernvarchar150 Allow NULL? 
326ReleaserGoods Distribution Approverint110 Allow NULL? 
327ReceiverGoods Release Approverint110 Allow NULL? 
328ToWhsCodeTo Warehouse Codenvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
329AssetDateFixed Asset Value Datedate80
330RequesterUser Requesting Goodsnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
331ReqNameUser Namenvarchar1550 Allow NULL? 
332BranchBranchint60 Allow NULL? 
333DepartmentDepartmentint60 Allow NULL? 
334EmailE-Mailnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
335NotifySend Notification Neededchar10Y=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
336ReqTypeRequester Type User/Employeeint1101212=User, 171=Employee Allow NULL? 
337OriginTypeDocument Originchar10MM=Manual, R=MRP, S=Sales Order, D=Document Generation Wizard Allow NULL? 
338IsReuseNumIs Reusing Document Numberchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
339IsReuseNFNIs Reusing Nota Fiscal Numberchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
340DocDlvryDocument Deliverychar100=None, 1=Create Online Document, 2=Post to Ariba Network Allow NULL? 
341PaidDpmPaid by Down Paymentnum196 Allow NULL? 
342PaidDpmFPaid by Down Payment (FC)num196 Allow NULL? 
343PaidDpmSPaid by Down Payment (SC)num196 Allow NULL? 
344EnvTypeNFeEnvironment Type NF-eint110-1 Allow NULL? 
345AgrNoAgreement No.int110 Allow NULL? 
346IsAltIs Alterationchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
347AltBaseTypAlteration Base Typeint110-1-1, 13, 18, 163, 165 Allow NULL? 
348AltBaseEntAlteration Base Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
349AuthCodeAuthorization Codenvarchar2500 Allow NULL? 
350StDlvDateStart Delivery Datedate80
351StDlvTimeStart Delivery Timeint110 Allow NULL? 
352EndDlvDateEnd Delivery Datedate80
353EndDlvTimeEnd Delivery Timeint110 Allow NULL? 
354VclPlateVehicle Platenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
355ElCoStatusElec. Comm. Statusnvarchar1000=Approved, 1=Pending Approval, 2=Rejected Allow NULL? 
356AtDocTypeAT Document Typenvarchar20GT=GT, GA=GA, GD=GD, GR=GR, GC=GC, FT=FT, FS=FS, NC=NC, ND=ND, FR=FR Allow NULL? 
357ElCoMsgElec. Comm. Messagenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
358PrintSEPAPrint SEPA Direct Debit Prenotificationchar10NY=Yes, N=No Allow NULL? 
359FreeChrgFree of Charge BPnum196 Allow NULL? 
360FreeChrgFCFree of Charge BP FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
361FreeChrgSCFree of Charge BP SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
362NfeValueNF-e Valuenum196 Allow NULL? 
363FiscDocNumFiscal Document Numbernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
364RelatedTypRelated Typeint110-1-1, 24=Incoming Payment, 46=Outgoing Payments Allow NULL? 
365RelatedEntRelated Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
366CCDEntryCCD Abs. Entryint110 Allow NULL? 
367NfePrntFoNF-e Printing Formatint11000=No DANFE, 1=Portrait, 2=Landscape, 3=Simplified, 4=DANFE NFC-e, 5=Mail Allow NULL? 
368ZrdAbsPOS Daily Summary Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
369POSRcptNoPOS Receipt Numberint110 Allow NULL? 
370FoCTaxFree of Charge BP Taxnum196 Allow NULL? 
371FoCTaxFCFree of Charge BP Tax FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
372FoCTaxSCFree of Charge BP Tax SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
373TpCusPresType of End-User Presenceint110 Allow NULL? 
374ExcDocDateExcise Doc. Datedate80
375FoCFrghtFree of Charge Freightnum196 Allow NULL? 
376FoCFrghtFCFree of Charge Freight FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
377FoCFrghtSCFree of Charge Freight SCnum196 Allow NULL? 
378InterimTypInterim Typeint6000=None, 1=Exchange Rate Interim Document, 2=Cash Discount Interim Document Allow NULL? 
379PTICodePOI Codenvarchar50 Allow NULL? 
380LetterLetterchar10A=A, B=B, C=C, E=E, M=M, R=R Allow NULL? 
381FolNumFromFolio Number Fromint110 Allow NULL? 
382FolNumToFolio Number Toint110 Allow NULL? 
383FolSeriesFolio Seriesint110 Allow NULL? 
384SplitTaxSplit Payment Taxnum196 Allow NULL? 
385SplitTaxFCSplit Payment Tax FCnum196 Allow NULL? 
386SplitTaxSCSplit Payment Tax SCnum196 Allow NULL? 


AT_CARDNoNoNumAtCard, CardCode
NUMNoNoDocNum, Instance, Segment, DocSubType, PIndicator
FTHR_CARDNoNoFatherCard, FatherType
DATE_PINDNoNoDocDate, PIndicator