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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1TJKWE15IS-M/SD: WBZ, Order Data for Inbound Processing
2RSADMINC96Customizing Table General BW
3BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
4UMV_TR1259Obsolete:Val.Driver Tree:Assign.Web Reports to Value Drivers
5/OTX/RM_TELIB24Enterprise Library Server Settings
6FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
7/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
8FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
9CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
10/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5OVTG52Tax Definition
6INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
7OJDT100Journal Entry
8OPCH386A/P Invoice
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3ORCT154Incoming Payment
4OVPM154Outgoing Payments
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OPCH268A/P Invoice
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
9OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool

201 tablesB1 8.82 

Inventory and Production
1Business One8.82ABTN243Batch Numbers Master DataInventory and Production
2Business One8.82ABTW142Batch Attributes in LocationInventory and Production
3Business One8.82ADNF82DNF CodeInventory and Production
4Business One8.82AIT181Item - Prices - HistoryInventory and Production
5Business One8.82AIT241Items - Multiple Preferred Vendors - HistoryInventory and Production
6Business One8.82AITB742Item Groups - HistoryInventory and Production
7Business One8.82AITM2607Items - HistoryInventory and Production
8Business One8.82AITT241Product Tree - HistoryInventory and Production
9Business One8.82AITW674Items - Warehouse - HistoryInventory and Production
10Business One8.82AKL1101Pick List - Rows - HistoryInventory and Production
11Business One8.82AMGP62Material GroupInventory and Production
12Business One8.82AMR1233Inventory Revaluation - History - RowsInventory and Production
13Business One8.82AMR2211Inventory Revaluation FIFO Rows (Archive)Inventory and Production
14Business One8.82AMRV293Inventory Revaluation - HistoryInventory and Production
15Business One8.82APKL161Pick List - HistoryInventory and Production
16Business One8.82ASRN244Serial Numbers Master DataInventory and Production
17Business One8.82ATT1221Bill of Materials - Component Items - HistoryInventory and Production
18Business One8.82AWHS791Warehouses - HistoryInventory and Production
19Business One8.82AWO1202Production Order (Rows) - HistoryInventory and Production
20Business One8.82AWO251Production Order - BaseInventory and Production
21Business One8.82AWOR423Production Order - HistoryInventory and Production
22Business One8.82CIVI141IVI Config FileInventory and Production
23Business One8.82ENT1131Entry - RowsInventory and Production
24Business One8.82IGE12298Goods Issue - RowsInventory and Production
25Business One8.82IGE1082Goods Issue - Row StructureInventory and Production
26Business One8.82IGE11601Goods Issue - Drawn Dpm DetailInventory and Production
27Business One8.82IGE12581Goods Issue - Tax ExtensionInventory and Production
28Business One8.82IGE13592Goods Issue Rows - Distributed ExpensesInventory and Production
29Business One8.82IGE14111Goods Issue - Assembly - RowsInventory and Production
30Business One8.82IGE15701Gds Issue - Drawn Dpm AppliedInventory and Production
31Business One8.82IGE16121Goods Issue - SnB propertiesInventory and Production
32Business One8.82IGE2552Goods Issue - Freight - RowsInventory and Production
33Business One8.82IGE3632Goods Issue - FreightInventory and Production
34Business One8.82IGE4452Goods Issue - Tax Amount per DocumentInventory and Production
35Business One8.82IGE5822Goods Issue - Withholding TaxInventory and Production
36Business One8.82IGE6611Goods Issue - InstallmentsInventory and Production
37Business One8.82IGE771Delivery Packages - Goods IssueInventory and Production
38Business One8.82IGE861Items in Package - Goods IssueInventory and Production
39Business One8.82IGE9271Goods Issue - Drawn DpmInventory and Production
40Business One8.82IGN12298Goods Receipt - RowsInventory and Production
41Business One8.82IGN1082Goods Receipt - Row StructureInventory and Production
42Business One8.82IGN11601Goods Receipt - Drawn Dpm DetInventory and Production
43Business One8.82IGN12581Goods Receipt - Tax ExtensionInventory and Production
44Business One8.82IGN13592Goods Receipt Rows - Distributed ExpensesInventory and Production
45Business One8.82IGN14111Goods Receipt - Assembly - RowsInventory and Production
46Business One8.82IGN15701Gds Rcpt - Drawn Dpm AppliedInventory and Production
47Business One8.82IGN16121Goods Receipt - SnB propertiesInventory and Production
48Business One8.82IGN2552Goods Receipt - Freight - RowsInventory and Production
49Business One8.82IGN3632Goods Receipt - FreightInventory and Production
50Business One8.82IGN4452Goods Receipt - Tax Amount per DocumentInventory and Production
51Business One8.82IGN5822Goods Receipt - Withholding TaxInventory and Production
52Business One8.82IGN6611Goods Receipt- InstallmentsInventory and Production
53Business One8.82IGN771Goods Receipt - Delivery PackagesInventory and Production
54Business One8.82IGN861Goods Receipt - Items in PackageInventory and Production
55Business One8.82IGN9271Goods Receipt - Drawn DpmInventory and Production
56Business One8.82ILM151Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log MsgInventory and Production
57Business One8.82ILM241Inventory Account SubstituteInventory and Production
58Business One8.82IMT141Acct data in selected templateInventory and Production
59Business One8.82IMT1141Calculated expression's constituent with sign for specifying account in specific templateInventory and Production
60Business One8.82IPF1784Landed Costs - RowsInventory and Production
61Business One8.82IPF2111Landed Costs - CostsInventory and Production
62Business One8.82IQI1232Inventory Initial Qty RowsInventory and Production
63Business One8.82IQR1232Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile) LinesInventory and Production
64Business One8.82ITL182Srl & Batch Details in TransacInventory and Production
65Business One8.82ITM184Items - PricesInventory and Production
66Business One8.82ITM241Items - Multiple Preferred VendorsInventory and Production
67Business One8.82ITT1224Bill of Materials - Component ItemsInventory and Production
68Business One8.82ITW191Item Count AlertInventory and Production
69Business One8.82IVL181IVL Layer LevelInventory and Production
70Business One8.82IVLG181Inventory Revaluation Log FileInventory and Production
71Business One8.82IVRU181Inventory Valuation UtilityInventory and Production
72Business One8.82LIVI71IVI Log FileInventory and Production
73Business One8.82LIVI1141IVI Log Array FileInventory and Production
74Business One8.82MRV1233Inventory Revaluation Information ArrayInventory and Production
75Business One8.82MRV2211Inventory Revaluation FIFO RowsInventory and Production
76Business One8.82OAIM481Archive Inventory MessageInventory and Production
77Business One8.82OALI41Alternative Items 2Inventory and Production
78Business One8.82OARG122Customs GroupsInventory and Production
79Business One8.82OBTN243Batch Numbers Master DataInventory and Production
80Business One8.82OBTQ82Batch No. QuantitiesInventory and Production
81Business One8.82OBTW142Batch Attributes in LocationInventory and Production
82Business One8.82OCHP63India Chapter IDInventory and Production
83Business One8.82OCYC82CycleInventory and Production
84Business One8.82ODBN242Bat. Nos - Draft - Master DataInventory and Production
85Business One8.82ODBW141Batch Draft Attribs in Locat.Inventory and Production
86Business One8.82ODNF82DNF CodeInventory and Production
87Business One8.82ODSN243SNs - Draft - Master DataInventory and Production
88Business One8.82ODSW141SN Draft Attribs in LocationInventory and Production
89Business One8.82OENT405Shipping TypesInventory and Production
90Business One8.82OIBT291Batch No. for ItemInventory and Production
91Business One8.82OIGE31610Goods IssueInventory and Production
92Business One8.82OIGN31610Goods ReceiptInventory and Production
93Business One8.82OILM794Inventory Log MessageInventory and Production
94Business One8.82OIMT102Templates for Inventory JEInventory and Production
95Business One8.82OINM10110Whse JournalInventory and Production
96Business One8.82OIPF606Landed CostsInventory and Production
97Business One8.82OIQI153Inventory Initial QuantityInventory and Production
98Business One8.82OIQR153Inventory Stock Posting (Reconcile)Inventory and Production
99Business One8.82OIRT51Interest PricesInventory and Production
100Business One8.82OISL101Simulation Log FileInventory and Production
101Business One8.82OITB742Item GroupsInventory and Production
102Business One8.82OITG32Item PropertiesInventory and Production
103Business One8.82OITL397Inventory Transactions LogInventory and Production
104Business One8.82OITM2607ItemsInventory and Production
105Business One8.82OITT242Product TreeInventory and Production
106Business One8.82OITW672Items - WarehouseInventory and Production
107Business One8.82OIVE123FIFO Based Sales ReturnInventory and Production
108Business One8.82OIVK62IVL Vs OINM KeysInventory and Production
109Business One8.82OIVL787Whse JournalInventory and Production
110Business One8.82OIVQ123FIFO Queue Working TableInventory and Production
111Business One8.82OLCT402LocationInventory and Production
112Business One8.82OLGT84Length UnitsInventory and Production
113Business One8.82OMGP62Material GroupInventory and Production
114Business One8.82OMRC42ManufacturersInventory and Production
115Business One8.82OMRL323Advanced Inventory RevaluationInventory and Production
116Business One8.82OMRV293Inventory RevaluationInventory and Production
117Business One8.82OOFR41Defect CauseInventory and Production
118Business One8.82OOIN41InterestInventory and Production
119Business One8.82OOIR41Interest LevelInventory and Production
120Business One8.82OOSR41Information SourceInventory and Production
121Business One8.82OPKG22Package TypesInventory and Production
122Business One8.82OPKL161Pick ListInventory and Production
123Business One8.82OPLN102Price ListsInventory and Production
124Business One8.82ORCN112Retail ChainsInventory and Production
125Business One8.82OSCG32Service CategoryInventory and Production
126Business One8.82OSPG61Special Prices for GroupsInventory and Production
127Business One8.82OSPP94Special PricesInventory and Production
128Business One8.82OSRI284Serial Numbers for ItemsInventory and Production
129Business One8.82OSRN244Serial Numbers Master DataInventory and Production
130Business One8.82OSRQ82Serial No. QuantitiesInventory and Production
131Business One8.82OSRW142Serial No. Attribs in LocationInventory and Production
132Business One8.82OSTQ51Inventory Valuation Utility QueriesInventory and Production
133Business One8.82OWGT73Weight UnitsInventory and Production
134Business One8.82OWHS791WarehousesInventory and Production
135Business One8.82OWKO313Production InstructionsInventory and Production
136Business One8.82OWOR422Production OrderInventory and Production
137Business One8.82OWTQ3169Inventory Transfer RequestInventory and Production
138Business One8.82OWTR31610Inventory TransferInventory and Production
139Business One8.82PKL1102Pick List - RowsInventory and Production
140Business One8.82SITM2607ItemsInventory and Production
141Business One8.82SITW672Items - WarehouseInventory and Production
142Business One8.82SIVE123FIFO Based Sales ReturnInventory and Production
143Business One8.82SIVK62IVL Vs OINM KeysInventory and Production
144Business One8.82SIVL786Whse JournalInventory and Production
145Business One8.82SIVL181IVL Layer LevelInventory and Production
146Business One8.82SIVQ123FIFO Queue Working TableInventory and Production
147Business One8.82SPP1114Special Prices - Data AreasInventory and Production
148Business One8.82SPP284Special Prices - Quantity AreasInventory and Production
149Business One8.82TMP1224Bill of Materials - Component ItemsInventory and Production
150Business One8.82UILM794IVI Inventory Log MessageInventory and Production
151Business One8.82UILM151Srl & Batch Det of Inv Log MsgInventory and Production
152Business One8.82UILM241Inventory Account SubstituteInventory and Production
153Business One8.82UITM2607ItemsInventory and Production
154Business One8.82UITW672Items - WarehouseInventory and Production
155Business One8.82UIVE123FIFO Based Sales ReturnInventory and Production
156Business One8.82UIVK62IVL Vs OINM KeysInventory and Production
157Business One8.82UIVL787Whse JournalInventory and Production
158Business One8.82UIVL181IVL Layer LevelInventory and Production
159Business One8.82UIVQ123FIFO Queue Working TableInventory and Production
160Business One8.82UWKO313Production InstructionsInventory and Production
161Business One8.82UWKO1122Production Instructions - RowsInventory and Production
162Business One8.82UWO251Production Order - BaseInventory and Production
163Business One8.82UWOR423Production OrderInventory and Production
164Business One8.82UWOR1202Production Order - RowsInventory and Production
165Business One8.82VLG1131Validation of Recalc. From ToInventory and Production
166Business One8.82WKO1122Production Instructions - RowsInventory and Production
167Business One8.82WOR1202Production Order - RowsInventory and Production
168Business One8.82WOR251Production Order - BaseInventory and Production
169Business One8.82WOR2V91Production Order - BaseInventory and Production
170Business One8.82WTQ12298Inventory Transfer Request - RowsInventory and Production
171Business One8.82WTQ1082Inventory Transfer Request - Row StructureInventory and Production
172Business One8.82WTQ11601Inv. Transfer Request - Drawn Dpm Det.Inventory and Production
173Business One8.82WTQ12581Inventory Transfer Request - Tax ExtensionInventory and Production
174Business One8.82WTQ13591Inventory Transfer Request Rows - Distributed FreightsInventory and Production
175Business One8.82WTQ14111Inventory Transfer Request - Assembly - RowsInventory and Production
176Business One8.82WTQ15701Inv. Transfer Request - Drawn Dpm ApplInventory and Production
177Business One8.82WTQ16121Inventory Transfer Request - SnB PropertiesInventory and Production
178Business One8.82WTQ2551Inventory Transfer Request - Freight - RowsInventory and Production
179Business One8.82WTQ3632Inventory Transfer Request - FreightInventory and Production
180Business One8.82WTQ4452Inventory Transfer Request - Tax Amount per DocumentInventory and Production
181Business One8.82WTQ5821Inventory Transfer Request - Withholding TaxInventory and Production
182Business One8.82WTQ6611Inventory Transfer Request - InstallmentsInventory and Production
183Business One8.82WTQ771Inventory Transfer Request - Delivery PackagesInventory and Production
184Business One8.82WTQ861Inventory Transfer Request - Items in PackageInventory and Production
185Business One8.82WTQ9271Inventory Transfer Request - Drawn DPMInventory and Production
186Business One8.82WTR12298Inventory Transfer - RowsInventory and Production
187Business One8.82WTR1082Inventory Transfer - Row StructureInventory and Production
188Business One8.82WTR11601Inv. Transfer - Drawn Dpm Det.Inventory and Production
189Business One8.82WTR12581Inventory Transfer - Tax ExtensionInventory and Production
190Business One8.82WTR13592Inventory Transfer Rows - Distributed FreightsInventory and Production
191Business One8.82WTR14111Inventory Transfer - Assembly - RowsInventory and Production
192Business One8.82WTR15701Inv. Transfer - Drawn Dpm ApplInventory and Production
193Business One8.82WTR16121Inventory Transfer - SnB propertiesInventory and Production
194Business One8.82WTR2552Inventory Transfer - Freight - RowsInventory and Production
195Business One8.82WTR3632Inventory Transfer - FreightInventory and Production
196Business One8.82WTR4452Inventory Transfer - Tax Amount per DocumentInventory and Production
197Business One8.82WTR5822Inventory Transfer - Withholding TaxInventory and Production
198Business One8.82WTR6611Inventory Transfer - InstallmentsInventory and Production
199Business One8.82WTR771Inventory Transfer - Delivery PackagesInventory and Production
200Business One8.82WTR861Inventory Transfer - Items in PackageInventory and Production
201Business One8.82WTR9271Inventory Transfer - Drawn DpmInventory and Production