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icon of database logic symbol SAP  TABLESv1Made in Britain - the webs number one JD Edwards Table Definition reference

ERP 6.0: Top 10 requests

1BBP_PD_XML8Table for Persistent Class CL_XML_PPF_BBP
2FIQAC_PART8Reporting Parameters Text for Company Code ( Qatar)
3/ISDFPS/CHVW_E34External Batch Where-Used List
4FMARCPAR4Parallelization of FMARC_BATCH
5CEKRS5Movement type parameters for automatic ERS
6/1RA/0SD010MI170Items for Class SD01 - Raw Data
7/ATL/AANLCP79Periodic Asset-value fields, like anlc, for all areas
8AUDLORIPR7KPro: Logical Information Object Attribute Values
9/OPT/Z1344Reporting table: Text table for exception definitions
10FCO_DOC_HEAD61Failure Cost Document Header

B1 9.2: Top 10 requests

2OINV386A/R Invoice
3OCRD332Business Partner
4ORDR386Sales Order
5INV1265A/R Invoice - Rows
6OJDT100Journal Entry
7JDT1124Journal Entry - Rows
8OACT114G/L Accounts
9OPOR386Purchase Order
10OPCH386A/P Invoice

B1 8.8: Top 10 requests

2OINV268A/R Invoice
3OVPM154Outgoing Payments
4ORCT154Incoming Payment
5OIVL77Whse Journal
6OPCH268A/P Invoice
7OOCR9Loading Factors
8OSRN20Serial Numbers Master Data
9JDT1110Journal Entry - Rows
10OBOT10Bill Of Exchang Transaction - the webs number one PHP Function reference tool
1Business One8.82OADM3771AdministrationAdministration
SQL:  selectupdate insert create

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SELECT CompnyName, CompnyAddr, Country, PrintHeadr, Phone1, Phone2, Fax, E_Mail, Manager, CompType, MainCurncy, SysCurrncy, DispPosDeb, DefLengthU, DefWeightU, DfltVendPM, DirectRate, MinAmnt347, AutoITW, BankCountr, TaxIdNum, RevOffice, FreeZoneNo, DdctFileNo, VatCharge, PayOutVat, VatPrcnt, DpsitPrcnt, IncomeTax, VendorDdct, CustmrDdct, DdctPercnt, DdctExpire, DdctOffice, EURepSqntl, BoxRptSeq, WTLiable, DfltCustPM, AllowFuPos, UseProdWip, CurrPeriod, XmlPath, DflBnkKey, BSInstled, UseShpdGd, UseExtRpt, ERpPerType, DfSVatExmp, DfPVatExmp, Manager1, Manager1F, CCMask, ObligLimit, CreditLimt, SalesLimit, DlnLimit, OrderLimit, AddDlnBlnc, CreditDpst, MultiLang, DbVers, ApplVers, DflWebSite, DflFTPSite, UseTax, RevisionPo, Reindex, DllPath, TaxIdValid, PchName, RpcName, PdnName, RpdName, PorName, LevelWarn, CrdCommUse, ItmCommUse, SlpCommUse, DfCustTerm, DfVendTerm, SaleProfit, CostPrcLst, GrossBySal, TreePricOn, AddVat, BaseFld, ClosedQuot, UseCode, Code1, Code2, Code3, Code4, Color, SumDec, QtyDec, PriceDec, RateDec, PercentDec, MeasureDec, DdAutoRun, DdNextDue, DdHour, CmpnyAddrF, DflTaxCode, PrintHdrF, Phone1F, Phone2F, FaxF, ManagerF, TimeFormat, CigCup, DateFormat, DateSep, FcNoBlnc, ChangeRdr, MultiCurr, PickParDlv, MaxTaxIncr, ISRType, MaxTaxDecr, RoundRmrk, ISRBillerI, UpdStamp, SysCNoEdit, RefDNoEdit, DfltWhs, TaxDNoEdit, DfSVatItem, DfSVatServ, DfPVatItem, DfPVatServ, DoBudget, CustIdNum, BgtBlock, BgtWarning, BdgtPORDoc, BdgtAcctng, BdgtDflt, ContInvnt, InvntSystm, ApplicIFRS, StartYear, According, MltpBrnchs, free34, DftRCN, RoundVat, BdgtPDNDoc, IRSFileNo, DeferrTax, DflIntrst, DfltSlp, DflCrCard, DflBnkCode, DflBnkAcct, DflBranch, UsePaSys, Serv_Usr, Serv_Pass, ParamPath, ExcelPath, TaxIdNum2, TaxIdNum3, DecSep, ThousSep, CurOnRight, WarnByWhs, DflBnkAcKy, PriceSys, DftPVL, useDdctTrc, useDocWrf, BtchStatus, OrderBatch, GLMethod, SetSriUniq, SriUniqFld, MaxHistory, free36, free37, StockNoBas, free39, free40, free41, ChCtrAPAct, ChCtrARAct, free42, free43, CaredType, PBSNumber, PBSGroupNo, OrgNumber, ActSep, DspBokpWin, SHandleWT, SDfltWT, IncresGlAc, PHandleWT, PDfltWT, ExWTLiabl, free44, free45, free46, free47, free48, free49, NegAmount, free61, HldCode, AlphaDoc, free62, free63, free64, free65, OrderBlock, RoundMthd, AdrsFromWH, OrderParty, CrtfcateNO, ExpireDate, NINum, free66, free67, CfwAsnMust, CfwInDflt, CfwOutDflt, free68, free69, free70, AliasName, DftJPELine, RdrConfrmd, PorConfrmd, free71, free72, ChfAcc, TaxMethod, CEO, free73, free74, RndToTDec, SDfltITWT, PDfltITWT, free75, free76, DfActCurr, defTaxVend, free77, free78, free79, free80, free89, AutoVat, ConsumeFCT, ConsumeMtd, DaysBack, DaysFwrd, IsPAPrn, free82, TaxCodeCst, TaxCodeVnd, State, CharMonth, free83, free84, free85, free86, free87, LDiscTotal, Code, DfltDunTrm, Profession, free88, DfltCDP, LogInstanc, UpdateDate, UserSign, DflBCACode, IgrAllCash, TaxPayerRf, EmployerRf, PStatAutCh, PStatDelay, RepBusType, RepBusOthr, BrachNum, BuisnesDsc, ReptMethod, AcctMethod, Bookpitype, ActSoftNam, OpnClsRmrk, TaxRndRule, NegTax, ZeroLine, GBOpenFile, GBIntface, DfltCDPV, OnHldPert, WTRndRule, GPPrcntSrv, DspFrznBP, DspFrznITM, WTAccumAmt, NewDPRCus, ServNature, PickLimit, WTAccAmtAR, UseProdPL, QueryDec, ExRtDefTax, BoletoPath, UserSign2, MMLastImpD, CpyExhRate, MapService, ODWFreq, GTSOutPath, UseMltDims, MDStyle, GTSInPath, GTSSep, GTSDftChk, GTSDftPye, GTSMaxAmt, RspOverAmt, DRBlock1, DRBlock2, DRBlock3, DRBlock4, DRBlock5, PrjBlock, SimReport, SnapShotId, BackOrder, HQLocation, DigCrtPath, DflWTS, EnbApprDI, ChBPSerie, ChItmSerie, ETRTaxOffi, ETRTaxPers, EDocExpFrm, PCN874RTyp, BTWDecProv, BTWDcPrvID, BTWName, BTWStreet, BTWCity, BTWZip, BTWPhone, BTWOB, BTWICP, BTWOBFmt, BTWICPFmt, ETRPhoneNo, EDTestMode, EDocGenTyp, EDocRptFmt, InputMsg, EDProcess, PAC, NotifAlert, NotifEmail, free52, free51, free50, free22, free21, ETRFaxNo, ETRMgrPhn, EDFormat, AIDFormat, CrtLineRFQ, DflJET, OnlyPaidIn FROM OADM
ColumnFieldDescriptionSQL TypeLengthDecimalsRelationDefault ValueConstraintsSQL Create Statement
1CompnyNameCompany Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
2CompnyAddrAddressnvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
3CountryCountrynvarchar30OCRY Allow NULL? 
4PrintHeadrPrinting Headernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
5Phone1Telephone Number 1nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
6Phone2Telephone Number 2nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
7FaxFax Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
8E_MailE-Mailnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
9ManagerManaging Directornvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
10CompTypeChart of Accounts Templatechar10U Allow NULL? 
11MainCurncyLocal Currencynvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
12SysCurrncySystem Currencynvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
13DispPosDebOpen Balance with Minus Signchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
14DefLengthUStandard Unit of Lengthint602 Allow NULL? 
15DefWeightUDefault Weight UoMint602 Allow NULL? 
16DfltVendPMDefault Payt Method for Vendornvarchar150OPYM Allow NULL? 
17DirectRateDirect/Indirect Ratechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
18MinAmnt347Minimum Amount for 347 Reportnum196 Allow NULL? 
19AutoITWSet Items - Warehouseschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
20BankCountrBank Countrynvarchar30 Allow NULL? 
21TaxIdNumFederal Tax IDnvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
22RevOfficeTax Officenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
23FreeZoneNoAdditional ID Numbernvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
24DdctFileNoDeduction File No.nvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
25VatChargeTax Collectionchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
26PayOutVatTax Definitionchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
27VatPrcntTax Ratenum196 Allow NULL? 
28DpsitPrcntAdvances on Corp. Income Tax %num196 Allow NULL? 
29IncomeTaxWithholding Tax %num196 Allow NULL? 
30VendorDdctWithholding Taxchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
31CustmrDdctCustomer's Deduction at Sourcechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
32DdctPercntWithholding Tax Deduction %num196 Allow NULL? 
33DdctExpireWithholding Tax Ded. in % - Exdate80
34DdctOfficeWithholding Tax Deduction - Ofnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
35EURepSqntlSequential Number of EU Salesint1100 Allow NULL? 
36BoxRptSeqBox Report Sequential Numberint1100 Allow NULL? 
37WTLiableWTax Liablechar10Y Allow NULL? 
38DfltCustPMDefault Payt Method for Cust.nvarchar150OPYM Allow NULL? 
39AllowFuPosAllow Future Posting Datechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
40UseProdWipUse Product WIP Accountchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
41CurrPeriodFree7nvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
42XmlPathXML File Pathtext160
43DflBnkKeyDefault Bank Keyint110ODSC Allow NULL? 
44BSInstledBank Statement Installedchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
45UseShpdGdUse Shipped Goods Accountchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
46UseExtRptUse Extended Reportingchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
47ERpPerTypePeriod Type for Report Generationchar10MM, P, Q, Y Allow NULL? 
48DfSVatExmpSales Tax Group for Exemptnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
49DfPVatExmpPurchases Tax Group for Exemptnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
50Manager1General Managernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
51Manager1FGeneral Manager (For. Lang.)nvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
52CCMaskMask Credit Card Numberchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
53ObligLimitCommitment Restrictionchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
54CreditLimtCredit Restrictionchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
55SalesLimitRestrict Saleschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
56DlnLimitRestrict Deliv. Notes (PO)char10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
57OrderLimitRestrict Orderschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
58AddDlnBlncConsider Del. Notes in Sales Restrictionchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
59CreditDpstCredit Deposit Typechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
60MultiLangMulti-Language Support Enabledchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
61DbVersDatabase Versionint110 Allow NULL? 
62ApplVersApplication Versionint110 Allow NULL? 
63DflWebSiteDefault for Web Sitetext160
64DflFTPSiteDefault for FTP Sitetext160
65UseTaxUse Taxchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
66RevisionPoSplit POchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
67ReindexRebuild Indexeschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
68DllPathPath to Validation DLLtext160
69TaxIdValidTax ID Mandatory Validationchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
70PchNameAlternate Name for Purchasenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
71RpcNameAlternate Name for A/P Creditnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
72PdnNameAlternate Name for Goods Rcptnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
73RpdNameAlternate Name for Gds Returnnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
74PorNameAlternate Name for Purchasenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
75LevelWarnAlert Type for Whse Inventorychar10WB, N, W Allow NULL? 
76CrdCommUseSet Commission by Customerchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
77ItmCommUseSet Commission by Itemchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
78SlpCommUseSet Commission by Sales Empl.char10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
79DfCustTermDefault Payment Term for Cust.int60-1 Allow NULL? 
80DfVendTermDefault Payment Term for Vend.int60-1 Allow NULL? 
81SaleProfitCalc. Gross Profit per Trans.char10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
82CostPrcLstPrice List for Reval. Priceint60-1 Allow NULL? 
83GrossBySalGross Profit After Salechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
84TreePricOnDisplay Price for Parent Onlychar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
85AddVatCalc. Tax in Sales Quotationchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
86BaseFldBase Fieldchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
87ClosedQuotAllow Closed Sales Quotationschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
88UseCodeUser Conversion Codechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
89Code1CODE1nvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
90Code2CODE2nvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
91Code3CODE3nvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
92Code4CODE4nvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
93ColorCompany Colorint6010, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Allow NULL? 
94SumDecTotals Accuracyint602 Allow NULL? 
95QtyDecAccuracy of Quantitiesint603 Allow NULL? 
96PriceDecPrice Accuracyint602 Allow NULL? 
97RateDecRate Accuracyint604 Allow NULL? 
98PercentDecPercentage Rate Accuracyint604 Allow NULL? 
99MeasureDecMeasuring Accuracy for Unitsint603 Allow NULL? 
100DdAutoRunDD Auto Runchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
101DdNextDueDD Next Due Datedate80
102DdHourDD Hourint60 Allow NULL? 
103CmpnyAddrFAddress in Foreign Languagenvarchar2540 Allow NULL? 
104DflTaxCodeDefault Tax Codenvarchar80OSTC Allow NULL? 
105PrintHdrFLetter Header in Foreign Lang.nvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
106Phone1FTel. No. 1 (Foreign Language)nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
107Phone2FTel. No. 2 (Foreign Language)nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
108FaxFFax Number (Foreign Lang.)nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
109ManagerFManaging Director (For. Lang.)nvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
110TimeFormatTime Templatechar1000, 1 Allow NULL? 
111CigCupCig and Cup Warningchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
112DateFormatDate Templatechar1000, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Allow NULL? 
113DateSepDate Separatorchar10/ Allow NULL? 
114FcNoBlncFC Checking Accountchar10BB, D Allow NULL? 
115ChangeRdrChanged Existing Orderschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
116MultiCurrAll Currencies Checkchar10BB, D Allow NULL? 
117PickParDlvPartial Deliv. Pick and Packchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
118MaxTaxIncrMaximum Increase of Tax Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
119ISRTypeISR Typeint6021, 2, 3, 4 Allow NULL? 
120MaxTaxDecrMaximum Decrease of Tax Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
121RoundRmrkDisplay Rounding Remarkchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
122ISRBillerIISR Biller IDnvarchar90 Allow NULL? 
123UpdStampUpdate Stampint110 Allow NULL? 
124SysCNoEditBlock System Currency Editingchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
125RefDNoEditBlock Updating of Posting Datechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
126DfltWhsDefault Warehousenvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
127TaxDNoEditFreechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
128DfSVatItemTax Definitionnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
129DfSVatServTax Definitionnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
130DfPVatItemTax Group for Purchase Itemnvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
131DfPVatServTax Group for Service Purchasenvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
132DoBudgetCalculate Budgetchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
133CustIdNumCustomer ID Numbernvarchar600 Allow NULL? 
134BgtBlockBlock Budgetchar10NB, N, W Allow NULL? 
135BgtWarningBudget Alertchar10AA, M Allow NULL? 
136BdgtPORDocBlock Purchase Orderschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
137BdgtAcctngBlock Bookkeepingchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
138BdgtDfltDefault Budget Cost Assmt Mthdint1101 Allow NULL? 
139ContInvntPerpetual Inventory Managementchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
140InvntSystmPerpetual Inventory Systemchar10AA, F, S Allow NULL? 
141ApplicIFRSApplication of IFRSchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
142StartYearStarting in Fiscal Yearint60 Allow NULL? 
143AccordingReport According toint6011, 2, 3 Allow NULL? 
144MltpBrnchsAllow Multiple Brancheschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
145free34Free34char10 Allow NULL? 
146DftRCNDefault for Retail Chainsint110-6 Allow NULL? 
147RoundVatRound Tax Amountschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
148BdgtPDNDocBlock Dlv. Notes for Purchasechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
149IRSFileNoFile Number in Income Taxnvarchar90 Allow NULL? 
150DeferrTaxDeferred Taxchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
151DflIntrstMin. Default Interest Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
152DfltSlpSales Employeeint60-1 Allow NULL? 
153DflCrCardDefault Credit Cardint60 Allow NULL? 
154DflBnkCodeDefault Bank No.nvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
155DflBnkAcctDefault Bank Accountnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
156DflBranchDefault Branchnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
157UsePaSysUse PA Systemchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
158Serv_UsrService Codenvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
159Serv_PassService Passwordnvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
160ParamPathParam. Folder Pathtext160
161ExcelPathExcel Folder Pathtext160
162TaxIdNum2Federal Tax ID 2nvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
163TaxIdNum3Federal Tax ID 3nvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
164DecSepDecimal Separatorchar10. Allow NULL? 
165ThousSepThousandths Separatorchar10, Allow NULL? 
166CurOnRightDisplay Currency on the Rightchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
167WarnByWhsAlert by Warehousechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
168DflBnkAcKyDefault Bank Account Numberint110DSC1 Allow NULL? 
169PriceSysPrice Systemchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
170DftPVLPreferred Vendor Creditint110-1 Allow NULL? 
171useDdctTrcWTax Deduction Hierarchychar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
172useDocWrfDoc. Confirmationchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
173BtchStatusDefault for Batch Statuschar1000, 1, 2 Allow NULL? 
174OrderBatchManage Orders in Batcheschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
175GLMethodSet G/L Account bychar10WC, L, W Allow NULL? 
176SetSriUniqSet Unique Serial No.char10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
177SriUniqFldUnique Serial No.char1030, 2, 3, 4 Allow NULL? 
178MaxHistoryMax. Historyint11099 Allow NULL? 
179free36Free36char10 Allow NULL? 
180free37Free37char10 Allow NULL? 
181StockNoBasStockNoBasechar10 Allow NULL? 
182free39Free39char10 Allow NULL? 
183free40Free40char10 Allow NULL? 
184free41Free41char10 Allow NULL? 
185ChCtrAPActChange Def. Recon. A/P Acctschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
186ChCtrARActChange Def. Recon. A/R Acctschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
187free42Free42char10 Allow NULL? 
188free43Free43char10 Allow NULL? 
189CaredTypeBP Type Codenvarchar2001, 04, 15, 71, 73, 75 Allow NULL? 
190PBSNumberPBS Numbernvarchar80 Allow NULL? 
191PBSGroupNoPBS Group Numbernvarchar50 Allow NULL? 
192OrgNumberOrganization Numbernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
193ActSepAccount Segments Separatorchar10- Allow NULL? 
194DspBokpWinDisplay Bookkeeping Windowchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
195SHandleWTWithholding Taxchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
196SDfltWTDefault Withholding Tax Codenvarchar40OWHT Allow NULL? 
197IncresGlAcG/L Increase Accountnvarchar150OACTN, Y Allow NULL? 
198PHandleWTWithholding Taxchar10 Allow NULL? 
199PDfltWTDefault Withholding Tax Codenvarchar40OWHT Allow NULL? 
200ExWTLiablWTax-Liable Expensechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
201free44Free44char10 Allow NULL? 
202free45Free45char10 Allow NULL? 
203free46Free46char10 Allow NULL? 
204free47Free47char10 Allow NULL? 
205free48Free48char10 Allow NULL? 
206free49Free49char10 Allow NULL? 
207NegAmountUse Negative Amountschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
208free61Free61char10 Allow NULL? 
209HldCodeHoliday Namenvarchar200OHLD Allow NULL? 
210AlphaDocUse Alphanum. ID for Documentchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
211free62Free62char10 Allow NULL? 
212free63Free63char10 Allow NULL? 
213free64Free64char10 Allow NULL? 
214free65Free65char10 Allow NULL? 
215OrderBlockOrder Blockchar10 Allow NULL? 
216RoundMthdRounding Methodchar10N, N, Y Allow NULL? 
217AdrsFromWHUse Whse Address in A/P Docs.char10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
218OrderPartyOrdering Partynvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
219CrtfcateNOCertificate No.nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
220ExpireDateExpiration Datedate80
221NINumNational Insurance No.nvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
222free66Free66char10 Allow NULL? 
223free67Free67char10 Allow NULL? 
224CfwAsnMustCFW Assignment Mandatory [Y/N]char10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
225CfwInDfltIncoming Payment Dflt CFW Itemint110 Allow NULL? 
226CfwOutDfltOutgoing Payment Dflt CFW Itemint110 Allow NULL? 
227free68Free68char10 Allow NULL? 
228free69Free69char10 Allow NULL? 
229free70Free70char10 Allow NULL? 
230AliasNameAlias Nametext160
231DftJPELineDefault Line For Local Areachar10 Allow NULL? 
232RdrConfrmdSales Order Confirmedchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
233PorConfrmdPurchase Order Confirmedchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
234free71Free71char10 Allow NULL? 
235free72Free72char10 Allow NULL? 
236ChfAccChief Accountantint110OHEM Allow NULL? 
237TaxMethodTaxation Methodchar100, 1 Allow NULL? 
238CEOCEOint110OHEM Allow NULL? 
239free73Free73char10 Allow NULL? 
240free74Free74char10 Allow NULL? 
241RndToTDecRound VAT to Tenthschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
242SDfltITWTDefault Income Tax WTax Codenvarchar40OWHT Allow NULL? 
243PDfltITWTDefault Income Tax WTax Codenvarchar40OWHT Allow NULL? 
244free75Free75char10 Allow NULL? 
245free76Free76char10 Allow NULL? 
246DfActCurrDefault Account Currencychar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
247defTaxVendDeferred Tax for Vendorschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
248free77Free77char10 Allow NULL? 
249free78Free78char10 Allow NULL? 
250free79Free79char10 Allow NULL? 
251free80Free80char10 Allow NULL? 
252free89Free89char10 Allow NULL? 
253AutoVatAutomatic VAT Row Creation inchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
254ConsumeFCTConsumption Forecastchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
255ConsumeMtdConsumption Methodchar10BB, F Allow NULL? 
256DaysBackDays Backwardint1107 Allow NULL? 
257DaysFwrdDays Forwardint1107 Allow NULL? 
258IsPAPrnPanama Printer Connectedchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
259free82Free82char10 Allow NULL? 
260TaxCodeCstDefault Tax Code (New Custs.)nvarchar80OSTC Allow NULL? 
261TaxCodeVndDefault Tax Code (New Vendors)nvarchar80OSTC Allow NULL? 
262StateStatusnvarchar30OCST Allow NULL? 
263CharMonthNumber of Characters in Monthint110 Allow NULL? 
264free83Free83char10 Allow NULL? 
265free84Free84char10 Allow NULL? 
266free85Free85char10 Allow NULL? 
267free86Free86char10 Allow NULL? 
268free87Free87char10 Allow NULL? 
269LDiscTotalCalc Row Disc. from Tot. Pricechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
270CodeCodeint1101 Allow NULL? 
271DfltDunTrmDefault Dunning Termsnvarchar250ODUT Allow NULL? 
272ProfessionProfessionnvarchar500 Allow NULL? 
273free88Free88char10 Allow NULL? 
274DfltCDPDefault Closing Date Procedureint60-1 Allow NULL? 
275LogInstancLog Instanceint600 Allow NULL? 
276UpdateDateDate of Updatedate80
277UserSignUser Signatureint60OUSR Allow NULL? 
278DflBCACodeDefault Bank Charges Alloc.nvarchar30OBCA Allow NULL? 
279IgrAllCashIgnore All Cash Flow Relevantchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
280TaxPayerRfUnique Taxpayer Ref. (UTR)nvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
281EmployerRfEmployer's Referencenvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
282PStatAutChPeriod Status Automatic Changechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
283PStatDelayPeriod Status Change Delayint601 Allow NULL? 
284RepBusTypeReporting Business Typenvarchar2021, 2, 3, 4, 9, 99, N, Y Allow NULL? 
285RepBusOthrReporting Business Type Desc.nvarchar320 Allow NULL? 
286BrachNumBranch Numbernvarchar40 Allow NULL? 
287BuisnesDscBusiness Descriptionnvarchar500N, Y Allow NULL? 
288ReptMethodReporting Methodnvarchar2021, 2, 3 Allow NULL? 
289AcctMethodAccounting Methodnvarchar2021, 2 Allow NULL? 
290BookpitypeBookkeeping Typenvarchar2021, 2, 3 Allow NULL? 
291ActSoftNamAccounting Software Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
292OpnClsRmrkCopy Opening/Closing Remarkschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
293TaxRndRuleDefault Tax Rounding Rulechar10C, F, R Allow NULL? 
294NegTaxAllow Negative Tax Amt in Rptchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
295ZeroLineAllow Zero Row in JEchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
296GBOpenFileOpen GBI File After Exportchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
297GBIntfaceGB Data Interface Enablechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
298DfltCDPVDefault A/P Closing Date Procint60-1 Allow NULL? 
299OnHldPertCapital Goods On Hold Percentnum196 Allow NULL? 
300WTRndRuleDefault WTax Rounding Rulechar10C, F, R Allow NULL? 
301GPPrcntSrvDefault GP % in Service Docnum196 Allow NULL? 
302DspFrznBPDisplay Inactive BPs in Rptchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
303DspFrznITMDisplay Inactive Items in Rptchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
304WTAccumAmtAccum. Amount for WTax on APnum196 Allow NULL? 
305NewDPRCusHide Dpm Invoicechar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
306ServNatureService Naturechar10D, P Allow NULL? 
307PickLimitRestrict Pick Listchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
308WTAccAmtARAccum. Amount for WTax on ARnum196 Allow NULL? 
309UseProdPLUse Production P&L Accountschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
310QueryDecCalculated Query Accuracyint60 Allow NULL? 
311ExRtDefTaxExchange Rate on Deferred Taxchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
312BoletoPathBoleto Pathtext160
313UserSign2Updating Userint60OUSR Allow NULL? 
314MMLastImpDLast Import File Datedate80
315CpyExhRateCopy Exchange Rate in Copy tochar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
316MapServiceMap Serviceint110OMPS-1 Allow NULL? 
317ODWFreqOpen Doc. Refresh Frequencyint11030 Allow NULL? 
318GTSOutPathGTS Outbound Pathtext160
319UseMltDimsUse Multidimensionschar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
320MDStyleMultidimensions Display Stylechar10US, U Allow NULL? 
321GTSInPathGTS Inbound Pathtext160
322GTSSepGTS Separatornvarchar100 Allow NULL? 
323GTSDftChkGTS Default Checkerint110OHEM Allow NULL? 
324GTSDftPyeGTS Default Payeeint110OHEM Allow NULL? 
325GTSMaxAmtGTS Max. Amountnum196 Allow NULL? 
326RspOverAmtResponse to Exceeding Amountchar10BB, S Allow NULL? 
327DRBlock1Distribution Rule: Block 1char10NB, N Allow NULL? 
328DRBlock2Distribution Rule: Block 2char10NB, N Allow NULL? 
329DRBlock3Distribution Rule: Block 3char10NB, N Allow NULL? 
330DRBlock4Distribution Rule: Block 4char10NB, N Allow NULL? 
331DRBlock5Distribution Rule: Block 5char10NB, N Allow NULL? 
332PrjBlockProject Blockchar10NB, N Allow NULL? 
333SimReportSimulation Reportchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
334SnapShotIdSnapshot IDint1100 Allow NULL? 
335BackOrderPick and Pack Back Orderchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
336HQLocationHeadquarters Locationchar10BA, B, C, M Allow NULL? 
337DigCrtPathDigital Certificate Pathtext160N, Y
338DflWTSDefault E-Tax Web Siteint60-1 Allow NULL? 
339EnbApprDIEnable DI Approval Procedurechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
340ChBPSerieVerify Non-manual BP Serieschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
341ChItmSerieVerify Non-manual ITM Serieschar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
342ETRTaxOffiETR Tax Officeint110OTOF0 Allow NULL? 
343ETRTaxPersETR Tax Person Typechar10D, I, R, S, T Allow NULL? 
344EDocExpFrmElectronic Doc. Export Formatint110N, Y Allow NULL? 
345PCN874RTypPCN874 Report Typechar1011, 6 Allow NULL? 
346BTWDecProvBTW Declaration Providernvarchar30BPLBPL, INT Allow NULL? 
347BTWDcPrvIDBTW Declaration Provider IDnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
348BTWNameBTW Namenvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
349BTWStreetBTW Streetnvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
350BTWCityBTW Citynvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
351BTWZipBTW ZIP Codenvarchar300 Allow NULL? 
352BTWPhoneBTW Phone Numbernvarchar1000 Allow NULL? 
353BTWOBBTW OB IDint1101 Allow NULL? 
354BTWICPBTW ICL IDint1101 Allow NULL? 
355BTWOBFmtBTW OB Mapping Formatint110 Allow NULL? 
356BTWICPFmtBTW ICP Mapping Formatint110 Allow NULL? 
357ETRPhoneNoETR Telephone Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
358EDTestModeElectronic Document Test Modechar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
359EDocGenTypEl. Doc. Default Gen. Typechar10NG, L, N Allow NULL? 
360EDocRptFmtEl. Document Report Formatint110 Allow NULL? 
361InputMsgEl. Doc. Input Message Formatint110 Allow NULL? 
362EDProcessElectronic Document Processchar10IC, I Allow NULL? 
363PACPACnvarchar200OPACXML Allow NULL? 
364NotifAlertNotification by Alertchar10YN, Y Allow NULL? 
365NotifEmailNotification by E-mailchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
366free52Free52char10 Allow NULL? 
367free51Free51char10 Allow NULL? 
368free50Free50char10 Allow NULL? 
369free22Free22char10 Allow NULL? 
370free21Free21char10 Allow NULL? 
371ETRFaxNoETR Fax Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
372ETRMgrPhnETR Manager's Phone Numbernvarchar200 Allow NULL? 
373EDFormatElectronic Document Formatint110OLLF Allow NULL? 
374AIDFormatAnnual Invoice Decl. Formatint110OLLF Allow NULL? 
375CrtLineRFQCreate online quotationchar10NN, Y Allow NULL? 
376DflJETDefault JE Typenvarchar600OJET Allow NULL? 
377OnlyPaidInDisplay Only Paid Reserve Inv.char10NN, Y Allow NULL?